25 April 2016

Disney Eats: Disneyland

Ok so for the next part of this series,
let's talk FOOD!
Now a lot of people will say that Disney food isn't good.
Don't let that kind of talk get to you,
it's wrong hahaha
Disney has SOOO many food choices it's hard to decide what you want!
Italian? Mexican?
I could go on but let's not get carried away haha
How I have divided the food is into each PARK,
(DCA will have its own post tomorrow, easier to keep them separate!!)
and then by the LANDS/SECTIONS of the parks.
** I will put a disclaimer here that I have not eaten at ALL the restaurants yet,
it's a goal ok?? 
But I did get some other people to contribute their knowledge 
and therefore we have most of them covered!!**
Let's start in the original park shall we?
(All images are cropped from the Disneyland map and
enlarged to read easier!)
Disneyland Food
Main Street:
Personal Fave:
Holly Jolly Holiday and Plaza Inn!
I'm a HUGE sandwich fan and Jolly Holiday has the best turkey
sandwich I've had ever.
Morgan also agreed with me 
"Its happy atmosphere combined with my favorite tomato bisque 
and grilled cheese sandwich 
and the majority of the park's detectable baked goods, 
makes it a must stop for all passerby."
(can ya tell she used to work at Disneyland too?? haha) 
Plaza Inn is great for families!
The portions are gigantic and they are easily split between two to three people.
(Me and the girls usually share a plate and there's plenty) 
Melissa added "my husband is in LOVE with their fried chicken and I love their pasta!! 
My tip if I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on eating while at the park,
 me and husband can easily split the fried chicken meal, or we get the kids meals! 
They are the perfect size for me, aren't as expensive as a full adult meal, 
and I get a bit of everything! 
I usually get the pasta 
(I love both sauces, one is like an Alfredo and the other a red sauce) 
which then I also get half a bread stick, carrots, and a drink! 
I usually get chocolate milk and its yummy enough to double as my dessert!"
See what I mean?? I love my Disney people!


Personal fave: Darth by Chocolate at Galactic Grill
Guys the BEST dessert ever!

It's a chocolate cake parfait with chocolate ganache
All the heart eye emojis.
(FYI, The Spirit of Refreshment is INSIDE Pizza Port. 
Basically it's the drink bar hahaha)
Pizza Port is also a great place to get a meal to share. 
The pizza is really good
and I really like the pastas they serve ;)

My brother there has the marinara pasta which is all the thumbs up!
Personal fave: The Apple Freeze!
Frozen lemonade with Apple flavor ;)
Village Haus has some really good burgers.
Andrew loved the Pastrami burger they had last time we went.
Brittany also enjoyed "the pastrami burger and the BLT flatbread. 
It's not as crowded since it's not well known.
It's quiet, charming and air conditioned so it's a nice break from the crowds and heat!
Plus the food is A+

This is the kids meal turkey sandwich I always get haha
yes they are ALWAYS cut in fish shaped bread!
 Personal fave: Golden Horseshoe ice cream sundae! 
I can definitely say that I loved River Belle Terrace's BBQ sandwich
the last time I had one a couple years ago.
I have only tried the Mexican food once
and I don't really remember what I ate or how I liked it hahaha
but lucky for you guys,
Brielle said "we mainly eat there because you get a TON of food for the money 
and no one stops you if you try and get drink refills 😂 
plus it's never crowded so that's a plus! 
Scott loves the burrito Sonora 
& I'm a big fan of the enchiladas."
 Personal Fave: not sure!
I've been DYING to try the bacon-wrapped asparagus at Bengal BBQ,
so that's next on the list! 
Lindsay however HAS been there and said this: 
"I LOVE the skewers from Bengal Barbecue for a yummy healthier lunch. 
I usually get a beef and chicken skewer with either the vegetable skewer 
or bacon wrapped asparagus. I'm salivating just thinking of it😋"
Another beloved people favorite: the Dole Whip!
(Maelani "I will never leave Disneyland without some Dole whip"
Erica " Obviously the Dole Whip place by The Tiki Room"
Jershon "Do I even need to mention the dole whips?!"
Noelle "It's a given, but Dole Whips ftw!")  
Now you can get  just the regular Dole Whip
(which is JUST the pineapple soft serve and MY personal favorite)
OR you can get it in a float 
(that's the picture you usually see people posting about)!
Critter Country:
I have not eaten at this restaurant yet.
I really want to though. 
IT looks really cute and rustic and is in 
a wooden cabin setting!
Does it get any better?? 
Thankfully my friend Lyndie has been to BOTH of these places 
so she gave me some insight!
"Harbor galley in Disneyland- their broccoli and cheddar bowls are to die for 
and my husband really likes their lobster rolls. Hungry bear restaurant- everything is good especially their onion rings"
New Orleans Square:

 It's cheaper at Cafe Orleans
but you CAN get it at the Blue Bayou 
Kelsey said "Also, monte cristo sandwich, you haven't lived till you've had one."
Sean mentioned 
"Mickey beignets at the Mint Julep Cafe in New Orleans Square."
and guys if you've never had one of those,
life has not been worth living yet! 

 Guys some of the BEST food is here.
NOT even joking a little. 
Cafe Orleans is my FAVORITE sit down restaurant to eat,
I always get a Monte Cristo sandwich to split with Andrew/my mom
(I don't really think anyone can or should eat an entire one themselves)
and we get the Pommes Frites to share with the table.
It's literally the perfect meal 
and I don't get hungry again for days hahaha
Morgan agreed that Cafe Orleans is the best
"My favorite dine-in restaurant is Café Orleans, 
and specifically the Vegetable Ragût 
(formerly known as Ratatouille) 
is a must have."
I HAVE eaten at the Blue Bayou and while it was an
awesome dining experience
(you eat inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride)
we will only be doing it maybe once more haha
it's expensive, which is why for an anniversary it's great!
Toon Town:
This is a cute little restaurant that serves kiddie foods
like nuggets, pizza, etc.
It's great if you've already walked ALL the way to Toon Town and feel peckish ;) 

Now for snacks/cart food.
"All the churros. Disney churros are freaking magical. And did I mention churros?"
Leah said this "If you're a churro eater, 
the best cart is the cart in front of Haunted Mansion. 
It's usually the busiest, so the churros are the freshest!"
Jenice agreed with her "Any churro cart! However the one by Haunted Mansion 
was my first churro experience back in the day. 
Therefore it's the best ;)" 

The corndog cart between the PhotoPass shop and Plaza Inn
Sydney said "Jacob also loves the corn dog stand, 
which is hilarious because he hates corn dogs otherwise!"
Hope agreed wholeheartedly "CORN. DOG. TRUCK. Give it to me."
 Jershon mentioned "when we need a quick meal that's on the cheaper side 
we always grab a chimichanga from one of the stands. 
They are so good and in my opinion, one of the best, 
less expensive food options."
Pretzel stands are also hugely popular!
There are even some special ones at only certain stands!
The cream cheese filled pretzel in Tomorrowland 
is one of MY personal favorites,
but Jershon prefers
"the jalapeño and cheese stuffed pretzel
 is my other go to snack. Just, yum."
There are also tons of popcorn carts around the park and in
Frontierland you can get a turkey leg 
or a corn on the cob on a stick! 
Turkey legs can also be found over by Small World in Fantasyland.
The carts also move around the lands occasionally
 so they might not be at the exact same spot two days in a row.
The stand alone little shops though never move
so you'll always be able to find those snacks!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the DCA version!!

Also, I WILL do a 
"money-saving tips" post as well so don't feel like you HAVE to spend money
on food at the parks.
But really, it's good enough that you should!
(at least a little, gotta get a macaroon or something!)

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