15 April 2016

Disney Trip 2016!

Prepare yourselves for a picture overload!
Now these are just the ones off my phone so no judging their quality haha
I didn't bring my DSLR,
only my point and shoot and I never even used that one.
My bad!
I was more excited to BE there with my kiddos than DOCUMENT us there haha
plus we all know I'm no photographer.
 I leave that to the professionals ;)
SO Disneyland
(forgive me the lack of order!!):

We had such a blast!!
My parents rented this super cute house for the week that had 3 bedrooms
and 2 1/2 bathrooms!
And did I take pictures?
Maybe my dad did but he's on a business trip so I can't bug him for them haha
 Needless to say, it was super cute
and we all had fun playing inside and outside in that house!
We drove out on Saturday
and stopped at Olvera Street for the BEST bean and cheese burritos and taquitos ever!
No. I'm serious, they are the literal best. 
Don't believe me? Too bad!
Go try them for yoself!
Then we got to the house in Anaheim (2 blocks away from my old apartment!)
and unpacked and settled for bed.
We were all pretty exhausted haha
Sunday we were able to visit my Great Aunt Nan and go to church with her!
It was such a nice break from the crazy that had been the day before
and what we knew the week would be.
The Little Bowlers and Trevor all came later that afternoon and we had dinner together 
and stayed up WAY past our bedtimes! 
Monday it was time for the park!
We did Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast.
I won't lie, I was a little disappointed.
Here's the thing:
we had done this character breakfast 6 years ago when we came for me to do my internship.
We met over 10 characters just at breakfast!
It was amazing and we assumed it would be the same.
Not so.
We met 5 characters which is still nice,
but not worth what we paid for haha
the food was delicious and it was a buffet so we ate ourselves sick!
When we finally walked through the gates and Rory saw the castle,
her eyes lit up like fireworks!
and the wonder just kept going!
WE played in Toon Town for awhile,
I took her on Gadget's Go Go Coaster
(her first ever roller coaster)
and she liked it
"but I didn't like the turns".
^ that became her mantra hahaha
Overall we had a great time!
Rory got to ride all these new rides for the first time and was very brave.
But she still "didn't like the turns" on most of them haha
(Star Tours, Gadget's Coaster, Jumpin Jellyfish, Soaring Over California,
Radiator Springs Racers, Mater's Tractors)
She got to build her very own lightsaber
and she's been obsessed with it since she got it!
My little padawan learner!
Jade fell in love with the carousel and Little Mermaid.
Dumbo was a huge favorite as well 
and she loved Peter Pan!
I tried a macaroon for the first time (delicious),
we watched the Paint the Night parade (amazing!!!),
and the new fireworks show that I hadn't seen yet (made me cry)! 
We left Wednesday afternoon to try to get home at a decent hour so Daddy 
could rest and sleep before he had to get to work the next day,
and we were bummed to leave but after 
such a fun 3 days we were ready to be home in our beds.
Now we're recovering and having Disney withdrawals!
When can I go back again? ;)

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