26 April 2016

Disney Eats: DCA

Alright friends,
let's do this!!
So yesterday was Disneyland food
and today we'll focus on DCA!
Honestly, I go to DCA more often JUST for the food than the rides hahaha
We almost always end up eating on the Wharf 
which is my favorite place to people watch as well.
Here's a little tidbit for those that wish for alcohol.
DCA has alcohol for guests to buy and drink.
Disneyland however, will only serve alcohol in Club 33
and to get in there you have to know people.
It's an exclusive club and I'll go into that in another post.
Ok so shall we begin??
Disney's California Adventure (DCA)
Buena Vista Street
This is the street you first walk into in the park.
Like walk in and BOOM you're on Buena Vista Street!
Guys Carthay Circle is modeled after the theatre where Snow White
was first premiered and I tell ya, the decor is ON POINT!
The food is amazing!
We went here for our anniversary in December with my parents
and guys, Andrew had a moment with their Sriacha Firecracker Duck Wings

I don't even get that look from him hahahaha
Needless to say,
we've found his perfect and favorite Disney food 
(video from our December 2016 trip:
 a year after his first encounter with the wings hahaha)

I had the best salad of my life at Carthay Circle:
Harvest apple salad and I'm drooling just thinking about it!
 This place has my favorite ride of the park: Tower of Terror!
Most of the eats here are quick service/carts.
Meaning not a lot of sit down eating places. 
Leah mentioned "I also love award wieners for 2nd lunch. 
The Chili Cheese dogs go strait to my heart every-time"
Grizzly Peak
 I can honestly say that this Grill is one of my favorite eats!
The burgers are soooo yummy AND huge!
Lyndie agreed with me about the burgers
"I think they have the best burgers in the parks!"
I LOVE Flo's Diner!
In the winter when it's cold,
you can buy ONE hot chocolate and 
ask them to split it into two cups for you 
and they'll FILL BOTH CUPS!! 
It's magical!
Leah enjoys "The bacon cheddar popcorn is amazing, 
as is the chili cone queso or anything in the bread cones. 
Plus, their specialty drinks are to die for. 
The "Pear of Dice" is my favorite!"
Pacific Wharf
 Guys THIS is where my favorite food is!
When it's time to eat you'll pretty much always find me on the Wharf!
Bread bowls, Chinese food, and the Mexican grill are where it's at!
Quinci said "I LOVE the clam chowder bread bowls from pacific wharf!"
And Lindsay says "The Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill in California Adventure 
in Pacific Wharf has some great fresh healthy Mexican food too. 
The fire grilled citrus chicken is great and they have cute bean burrito 
kids meals that come in a whole wheat tortilla w/ a side of rice and fruit" 

This is my kooky dad after he finished the soup INSIDE the bread bowl
hahahaha (he's gonna love this :D)
Jershon said about the Wine Country Tattoria "I went for the fillet with roasted potatoes. 
The salad that came with it was YUMMY 
but dessert was my favorite part. 
A plate full of things to try"
Morgan said "For a sweet treat, you cannot miss Ghirardelli in the 
Pacific Wharf area of California Adventure. 
When it's hot, any ice cream sundae will bring tremendous joy to all who partake, 
and for a cold day, the drinking chocolate is a MUST 
(though plan on sharing, even this sugar addict would 
have a tough time finishing one alone)"
And I blame Kymber Rudd for introducing me to the 
salted carmel hot chocolate when we were there in December.
I cannot drink anything else now when it's cold hahaha 

 And when it's hot, the Quake Shake is all the heart eye emojis! 
Paradise Pier
 This is another favorite place of our family's to eat!
Ariel's Grotto has been our favorite character dining so far
(we did breakfast though and I think we got more food than they do at lunch)
Plus the Boardwalk has some of the best pasta at both parks!
I absolutely LOVE the soft serve ice cream!!
It's a literaly a tower of chocolate or vanilla or swirly goodness and 
I eat the entire thing almost every time haha
(OK OK I share a little with my kids and husband maybe)
The Cove Bar is relatively new but it is quickly becoming a favorite!

My parents tried their lobster nachos for the first time this last trip
and they fell in love!
As well as the cotton candy lemonade ;) 
**update in February 2017**

(also seen here is the spinach artichoke dip
- little too much for me and my parents, Andrew loved it.
and the fajita rolls
- also just a LOT of spice that I wasn't expecting but overall really good)
Snacks again are about the same as they are in Disneyland:
pretzels, popcorn, turkey legs!
I've noticed at DCA more than Disneyland,
fruit and fresh snacks are a little easier to find! 
So keep your eyes open and there will be a stand close by with all the pickles, fruit, 
and juice you could want haha
And for all you booze lovers out there,
DCA is the ONLY place in the parks you can get alcohol!
Almost each "land" has somewhere with a drink for you!
Stay tuned for the next installment:
(It's gonna be a good one!!)
DCA is also where you will see the Food and Wine Festival every Spring!
It's a fun time to go see different chefs from restaurants come
and do demonstrations,
food tasting,
beer and wine tasting,
LOTS of new food choices at little kiosks everywhere you look! It's one of my favorite times!

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