18 February 2016

Catching Up!

Guess I should probably write at least one entry before February ends!
This poor blog sometimes just doesn't get the love it needs,
but I'm trying I promise.

The biggest thing that's distracted me from blogging is the seemingly 
constant sickness we're STILL dealing with!
Hopefully it will subside now that it's ALREADY
90* here in AZ......
so much for "Spring" eh?
AZ really only has two seasons:
REALLY HOT and not-so hot.
Hahahaha I'm semi jealous of all those that get snow and like flowers
then I realize that my lazy butt couldn't keep up with the shoveling
or gardening that's required to have such nice things hahaha

Another reason I haven't been here is I've been focusing on trying to
 build my Scentsy business more.
I've been sample making, catalog mailing, FB posting 
(in my private group, I don't want to annoy my friends hahaha)
It's been a bit harder than I anticipated BUT I love doing it anyway.
Plus it keeps me busy which is nice with the kids.

Lately we haven't really been much EXCEPT THIS:

That's right guys, we bought a mini van!!
Meet Sally the Sienna :)
I had always sworn I'd never get one.
I'm more of a Suburban girl,
however, when we saw her on the website,
then I got to test drive her,
I knew she was the one hahaha
And let me just say, I'm a believer in the mini van now :)
I'd still like to get a suburban at some point in our lives
but honestly I'm so happy with this car that I may change my mind hahaha
It seats 8 which is fabulous and both seats can fold down or be removed 
which makes IKEA trips MUCH easier hahaha

If anyone is looking to buy a car,
I strongly suggest Carmax for the job!
That's where we got Sally and we had ONE sales guy the entire time,
and then dealt with ONE cashier,
and ONE paperwork person and our salesguy stayed with us the whole time to make sure
everything got done correctly.
It was so stress-free and we had the 5 day return without any fuss
in case something didn't work out as well as we wished.
Needless to say, we kept her hahaha

Thankfully we were able to sell the Jag relatively quickly!
And with that money Andrew let me have this:

I've been wanting a new computer for awhile!
My MacBook Pro is still good but it ran out of space so fast
and I have LOTS of stuff I do on my computers haha
Plus now that I have my craft room back
I wanted a space that I could have a more permanent work space,
and with the biggest hard drive I've had yet this beauty is gorgeous!

These girls have kept me on my toes as usual.
I got to take Rory to see Peter Pan and Wendy at Actors Youth Theatre
and she LOVED it!
She got to meet most of the kids and they all were so nice to her,
she felt so special!
Jade is just a goofball hahahaha
she gives us such a cheesy smile it brightens our days ;)
Her newest obsession?
Putting mom's slippers on and stumbling walking around!
Love my little family and our crazy adventures we have!