05 January 2016


I'll be real.
I didn't realize it had been so long hahahaha
I thought to myself the other day
"I wonder why no one has commented about our trip?"
Oh wait, the trip I NEVER blogged about!
Then there was Christmas, followed by New Years, 
followed by the plague  that's been going around.
I think we're FINALLY getting over the plague,
but dude it's been rough!
So to recap a little:
- Andrew and I went on a trip for our 5 year anniversary!
We decided that it's a pretty big milestone and to celebrate at the Happiest Place on Earth!
(with my parents hahaha) 
- Christmas was amazing and we all had a great one
- We rang in the New Year at home
with the flu bug that has hit hahaha
Now to the trip!
Andrew loves me so much that we each got an Annual Pass for this year!
Since we were already going to be going back as a family
in April, we crunched numbers and it was actually cheaper to get the passes 
than buy the tickets twice!
We ate at Carthay Circle for the first time and Andrew was literally entranced
by their spicy duck wings.

Guys, he doesn't even look at ME like he looked at those wings hahaha
But it didn't bother me at all,
we finally found something that he will be overly excited about
going back a few times over the year!

Ok the funniest thing about these photos is that my PARENTS 
got their phones out first before we touched the food to document it!
Blogger/Instagram pros in the making hahaha
Seriously though, this was the BEST food we had
AND we did the World of Color dining package 
so we got special seating for World of Color Celebrate later that night!
During which I cried like a baby like always and froze cuz it got sooo cold!

Having the passes made our trip so much easier I kid you not!
We didn't have to really stress about getting up super early and running
to get to everything.
It's literally been almost 5 years since I've been on it because of pregnancies/breakdowns
and I can honestly say that I'm good for another 5 years hahaha
that used to be my all time favorite ride,
then I rode it again and I thought I was gonna die.
My hips were off kilter for like an hour after wards haha hilarious!

We saw the Paint the Night Parade which was so cool!
Met up with my good friend Antonio (whom I met when I lived there)
Rode Hyperspace Mountain.
I have already done this when I was in the DCP
but this time, the ride stopped about 2/3 of the way in
and the lights came on and the poor cast member was running up the stairs 
while others were running up different places!
It was cool to see it with the lights on again
and my parents and Andrew now actually believe me 
that you can ride with your arms up!
(The second hyperspace picture is what happened 
when we finished the ride when the lights were on
and no one but me remembered the picture mwahahaha)

Andrew and I really enjoyed our time together without the kids
and spending some cash on each other rather than the littles ;)
We took a few selfies in our spot where he proposed,
and then with the giant Christmas tree on Main Street.
I am beyond grateful for this man of mine.
 We've been married for 5 years now, 
we have these two beautiful girls right now to care for.
Maybe more in the future, who knows?
(NOT an announcement)
We've had ups and downs,
stresses and fun,
sorrows and joys, 
and I wouldn't want to spend my eternity with anyone else.
The 5 year itch doesn't exist here ;)
(nor will the 7th, I'm kinda attached to him.
I like keeping him around!)

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