13 January 2016

Christmas (yes yes late)

Christmas was awesome!
Christmas Sunday I taught my class
and instead of doing the normal
"in a manger" lesson,
I taught about the Savior's earthly parents: Mary and Joseph.
I used this article as reference
and I printed this handout for them to take home


We even took a picture as a family to show how cute we CAN be
if we're able to plan far enough ahead hahaha
 I fell in love with my dress the moment I saw it online and 
the fact that it actually fits is amazing to me hahaha 
(my dress: DressBarn
girls dresses: Carters
our shoes: Payless!)

We hosted Christmas Eve at our house with the whole family,
and Christmas morning we were at my parents house to celebrate!
On Christmas Eve Eve EVE Andrew and I stayed up til 1:30 AM making this monster

 There was much wailing and weeping 
(possibly some mild cursing) and blood
while we built this thing!
However, seeing the girls reaction to it was worth it all! 

I got to get out my Christmas China for dinner
and it always makes me so happy when I'm able to do fancy things!
I rarely get to put a tablecloth down,
nice plates, 
and pretty table wares like pitchers and butter dishes
that I thoroughly enjoy being able to do it!

After watching The Grinch,
reading Why The Chimes Rang,
and opening ONE gift 
we all settled down for a good sleep before the big day!

This was a year for the books I won't lie!
The girls had so much fun opening gifts and playing with their new toys
(especially their new Inside Out buddies: Sadness and Disgust).
I gave Andrew a case for his Nintendo DS XL
aka boring gift hahaha
He on the other hand went CRAZY!
He gave me a date night.
But I mean, dressed to the 9's (ish),
dinner and a play!
Olive Garden for dinner (cuz he knows it's my favorite),
and Beauty and the Beast at the MAC!
He also gave me specific dressing instructions hahahaha
I am to wear some new jeans (to be purchased at a later date),
a white shirt,
and THESE beauties!!

I was seriously blown away!
I did NOT expect to receive them!
Please ignore the weird angle and ugly position haha
my mom took this from across the pond there

I am so excited!
We also ALL the adults get to go to NEWSIES in June!
And my parents graciously helped all of us save some for our Disneyland trip 
in April for the whole family.

Grandparents Mills gave us an awesome tent for the girls WITH an attached tunnel!
In that picture, grandpa is crawling through it all heehee
Aunt Haley gifted the girls some AWESOME new outfits
and they're gonna be the most fashionable little girls around!
Mom and Dad Mills also gifted a canopy for me for my boutiques
and a cooler for us to use on our trips!
I personally was gifted this AMAZING shelf!
It came from a couple of my Activity Day girls
and I cannot wait to paint it black and hang it up on my wall somewhere!

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