26 January 2016

2016 so far

2016 has been great and sucky so far hahaha
We have been sick every week at some point this year so far!

Thankfully when Alyx came to visit and play we were all better 
(well for 5 days anyway)


 I took her to As You Wish where she painted that adorable mug
and I FINALLY finished my Disneyland tile!
Then we had tacos at Los Tacquitos and
spent the afternoon shopping at AZ Mills mall,
all outlets?
Heck yes!
We spoiled ourselves and our kids rotten on our trip
(but the kids' stuff is a surprise, shhhhh don't tell!)

Rory had her first week of Sunbeams
(a week later than everyone else,
again sickness!)
and she LOVED it!
She still loves it.
Every week she plans her outfit
and then tells me how she's gonna help her teacher
and after class she comes home so happy and tells us all about her lesson.

Hopefully we are all on the mend for real here
cuz mama's tired of being sick and tired hahaha
Luckily these girls are pretty good with sickness

And last random bit!
I recently got these LulaRoe leggings that I have been hunting for for WEEKS!
It took 5 different consultants
and one amazing unicorn wrangler
and I finally got my pair of cupcake leggings!
Random? Yes.
Total win? HECK YES!

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