28 December 2016

Year in Review!

2016 has been a blur.
Lots of ups and downs.
Lots of trips and revelations about myself.
Here's a breakdown of the year:
 I realized I needed to find balance between mothering and being me.
I then realized I wanted to change my body image as well,
I was tired of how I looked and wanted it to get better.
I went to Disneyland with my parents and we took a really fun tour all about Walt Disney
and the legacy of Disneyland. 
We bought our van as well!

We went on our first Disney trip of the year as a family!
We had such a blast and loved spending time together.

Andrew and I had our date to Beauty and the Beast!
It was so much fun and we enjoyed being without the kiddos for a night.

I did a few posts about my favorite place:
101, Disneyland and DCA eats, Entertainment, and Tips and Tricks.
My mom and I ran to Disneyland for a day to hang out
with Alyx and her family just for fun!
 I 'fessed up about my PPD and anxiety.
Still something I deal with most days but it's gotten better.
I felt that if I brought it up in a safe place,
maybe it would help someone else who was maybe having troubles too and didn't know it.

Rory turned 4!
How in the heck did that happen?!
It's going by so fast and yet I'm loving watching her grow up.
I love seeing her explore and discover the world
and I can't wait til she gets to go to kindergarten next year.
Andrew turned 27 as well.

Andrew and I got a weekend away to ourselves.
This year was a year we discovered that
we HAD to take time for each other. 
There are so many things that happen TO us,
we needed us to be as strong as possible for each other.

I went to San Fransisco to visit Alyx.
I had such a blast and I can't wait to go back and help my BFF.
Our friendship has been one that I know I could NOT have gotten through
most of this year without. 
She's one of the biggest blessings of blogging I can attest to.
We met through blogging and my life has been so blessed to become her friend
in real life.
 Jade turned 2!
Again, the time goes so fast but again, 
it's been so fun to hear her learn to speak up for herself.
She's grown into the complete opposite in personality of her sister.
She's just as friendly, but even more so.
AKA NO stranger danger with this girl hahaha
she makes friends with everyone everywhere we go.
She asks everyone their name,
"what you doing here?!"
Terrible twos however are also in full swing
*eye roll*

September and October flew by and I painted our bedroom!
Andrew took a business trip,
he and I had another little weekend getaway,
we had the trunk or treat and the kids loved trick or treating!
I turned 28.

 We took another quick trip to Disneyland as a family!
The girls loved seeing the Christmas decorations,
we got to hang out with my parents in the happiest place.
The girls loved having fun and seeing all the characters.
I think that was the beginning of many more trips in the future.
Andrew and I also went to the Phoenix Symphony
for a Legend of Zelda show!
He was in heaven and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

 Andrew and I took one last trip as Annual Passholders.
It was such a bittersweet trip
but we had a blast and loved spending time together. 
I got my Disneyland Candy Cane,
we ate amazing food and we enjoyed ourselves to the utmost.

But I'm also more than ready to put this year behind me.
There's been a LOT of crappy things that have happened
that I'm ready to forget as soon as possible.
So out with 2016 and onto a new year!!

20 December 2016

Last Disney trip as APs :(

As you all know,
Andrew and I bought annual passes to Disneyland this past year for our anniversary.
It's been the gift that keeps on giving but unfortunately
we weren't able to renew them for this coming year SO
we took one last trip as annual passholders and lived it up!
My parents happened to be there the same weekend too
so we hung out a few times with them!
But when we got there and walked through the gates I immediately began to smile.
Disneyland is my happy place.
Always has been, always will be.
Andrew likes it too in different ways
but it's really MY favorite place hahaha
So to treat him for our anniversary
I took him back to Carthay Circle for those Firecracker Wings
Remember those from last year?
Yeah he did too hahaha
AND I even videoed him eating them so you could understand how much he loves them!

He literally did not talk to me for about 15-20 minutes while he ate some of those
It was awesome!
I ate the most delicious salad I've had.
It was THAT good.
I ate 2. Not even kidding.
We rode some rides and just really enjoyed the atmosphere around the parks.

 We met up with my parents
on Main Street for a little chat
then we kept going to go back to the hotel early.
We had driven all night,
gotten in at 1 AM that morning and then been at the park since open.
We were exhausted 
But we were up bright and early and at the park before open
for something super special the next day!!
Did you know Disneyland has famous candy canes?!
Neither did I until Andrew and I watched a Food Network special
of Guy Fieri at Disneyland making all the holiday treats and I watched them
roll out fresh candy canes at the candy shop!
I wanted one and I wanted one bad!
So we got to the park at 7
(opens at 8)
and the line was already super long!
They make less than 600 of these A YEAR guys,
so I was terrified I wouldn't get one.

Then I saw the cast members holding wristbands still and I was like
My dad got one with me and they all made fun of me :)
What can I say? I'm a nerd mmmmk?
After the candy canes,
my dad and I went to ride Tower of Terror one more time
before it closes and becomes a Marvel ride.
My dad and I LOVE that ride so much
so it was nice to go with just him!
While Dad and I were on the ride,
my mom was alone with our candy canes haha
She took mine around and got people to pose with it!
Anna and Elsa even signed my bubble wrap!
(it has since completely worn off or I would have kept it)

She's a goof!
But we're also super glad she went to see Anna and Elsa because
she found out that MOANA was in the park that day!!
Oh yeah! So we ran over to Adventureland got us a picture!
Andrew rode on a lot of rides and I kinda walked around,
I like walking around and I don't like standing in lines longer than MAYBE 30 minute,
it's the curse of working there for so long
and never really having to stand in line!
I got spoiled.
Plus I spent basically a year there and I rode the rides millions of times.
They are still loads of fun but I just enjoy other aspects more now.
While he was on Big Thunder
I walked back into my old neck of the woods,
On my way I ran into a princess!
I hadn't seen her in the park in quite awhile!
Apparently she now only goes out by the wishing well.
Take notes, friends with daughters!
We chatted for a minute then I went off to see my people!
I found a couple of my old work friends and said hey ;)
It's still so cool to see people 6 years later and have them remember you!
Later that night we ate at The Cove Bar!
Guys, I've been wanting to eat here for over a year!

I'm still dreaming about those Lobster Nachos,
all the heart eye emojis!
We also got he spinach artichoke dip and the fajita rolls!
All good, though the fajitas to us were a little spicier than we thought.
So yummy and I just want more hahaha

Andrew and I loved getting away one last time to our happy place.
We enjoy spending time together just the two of us.
We've discovered that now more than ever it's so important to take time for each other.
To remember, even for the briefest amount of time,
how we were before our kids.
We adore those kids but I never want to forget or lose who we were before that.
I love my mister and it was a great anniversary/Christmas present to ourselves
that we will cherish forever :)

30 November 2016

Mamas and Passions

I've had something on my mind a lot lately.
Ok let's be real, I always have a ton of things on my mind hahaha
it's part of my DNA to over think and go a million directions at once.
But the other day I was noticing how many mothers on my FB feed,
including myself,
were talking about how much they do for their kids. 

And I thought to myself 
"Holy crap, EVERYTHING on my social media is about kids!!"
And it was true.
The ads on the sides: children's clothing and toys,
status updates/photos were of children playing in snow or toys,
emails were full of sales for kid items.
"When did everything in my enitre existence become only about my kids?"

Now, go with me on this.
I LOVE being a mother to my girls.
It's all I've ever wanted.
I love being there for them all the time and such.


I do NOT want to only be remembered as a "just my mom".
I don't want to be remembered as someone who 
sacrificed everything for her kids.
Most things, absolutely!
But "everything" suddenly seemed like a mighty high price to pay 
to be a parent.

Now I don't mean this in the material sense.
I will always sacrifice for them to have food, shelter, clothing, etc.
Sacrifices like that are mandatory for parenthood and that's
more than ok with me. 
I'm talking in our emotional/spiritual needs
I, personally, don't really want to be painted as a "martyr".
I don't want the kids' stories to only talk about how I stayed home
all the time so they could go play or do activities,
or be in the kitchen the whole night when there's a party happening,
to up at the crack of dawn baking bread so 
my kids feel loved with a homemade breakfast every day
(bah! Yeah right, I'd never get up that early hahaha),
or to only and always be in the background.

I know I always WILL be in the background of their lives, 
that's where I should be,
but not as part of the wallpaper.
I want them to remember me as someone that does things she likes to do.
See me and their Dad go out together to show them 
how important marriage is.
See me find and explore passions and dreams.
See me DO something with my life.
Without the guilt of doing something with it.

Do I know what that something is yet? No.
Do I feel selfish for feeling like I don't want to only be
"the mom" to my girls? Yes.
Will I still sacrifice things for them? Of course.
However, I won't sacrifice myself in the process.
I just can't do that anymore.
I want my girls to grow up knowing that being a parent is amazing!
That having kids is such a wonderful blessing,
and one that does require sacrifice.
But I want them to see that it doesn't require them to 
sacrifice themselves completely to do it. 
Still be that spunky kooky girl that loves unicorns!
Or that girl that loves to eat all kinds of different foods!
The one that reads books with passion!
The one that loves to be active and independent!
The girl who loves movies and popcorn!
Parenting is a blessing and I want them to know that,
as well as know that you CAN have it both ways.
Maybe not always the same way or all at the same time,
but we are allowed to be ourselves AND a mother.
It really is possible.


Now I just gotta find my dream and go for it!

What are your passions and things you do for YOU?