01 November 2015

Family Pictures 2015!

Holy cow guys how is 2015 almost over?!

I mean, BOOM!
It's November??
So fast!

But I'm also excited cuz now I can bring out all my holiday decorations,
and all my Christmas stuff!
To me, having the tree and such up is "holidays" to me.
So Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years all wrapped in one,
and just makes me happier and more festive ;)

So two weeks ago we had our family pictures taken 
by the AMAZING Brittany and Jesse Noble of Noble Photographers.
I've known Jesse since Junior High
 (he was actually at Disneyland with us the day Andrew proposed)
and I met his wife Brittany separately at a blog meetup 
and didn't make the connection til I saw them together hahaha
But they're the sweetest couple and they work WONDERFULLY together.
We were at Joe's Farm Grill in the little farm they have behind the restaurant.
It was green, cloudy, and perfect.
Prepare for awesomeness!

Guys I am unbelievably happy with these!
I had been waiting for an excuse for Jesse and Brittany to take our pictures
and this seemed perfect since Jade is finally big enough to smile
and to pose and our girls were just at the perfect age for this ;)
I'm so happy with them and so grateful to Jesse and Brittany for them!

Especially the ones of just me and Andrew.
It's been a rough year for me.
Dealing with PPD and some anxiety has made 
me a really crazy person to be around sometimes.
The picture of me just burying my head into his shoulder
describes how much he has been instrumental in helping me stay grounded and calm.
These are perfect in showing our family,
complete with sassy sisters and non cooperative hugs between them hahaha

Thank you Jesse and Brittany for these awesome pieces of time
of my little family ;)