22 October 2015


Hello lovely people!
SO basically I kinda have started to stink at blogging consistently hahaha
It's hard when I have two very active little ones,
we're stuck at home most of the days,
and it's only NOW (as in yesterday) starting to cool enough for us to venture to the park!
A couple weeks ago we attempted to do the park,
just me and the girls.
And we did the inaugural run of the wagon
which was a huge success with both kids ;)
But I kid you not, we were there for 10 minutes
before it got up to 90*
and we were basically running home because the girls wouldn't play,
they were circling me in the shade and just drinking their waters.
So I grabbed that wagon and walk/jogged us all home and we died haha
(it got to 110 that day)
The girls are starting to develop some very big differences in "power".
Jade will just do what she wants no matter what anyone says.
She's gonna be my bigger troublemaker, I just know it.
And as such, they are tending to fight more than get along.......
so when things like this happen,
WITHOUT my interference,
I treasure it immensely.

Eventually they'll be back to besties on their own right???
Let me tell you, 
two very independent girls are so hard to deal with day after day
when the same things triggering tantrums
no matter how I try to change them.
And I get overwhelmed quickly.
this is how I cope sometimes hahaha

The screaming and screeching and attitudes will quickly tear me down
to an angry sad and raw shadow of the mom I am.
Or even the person I am. 
It usually ends up with crying from everyone involved
and I try everything I can to fix everything
but a three year old is very demanding
and everything is a stinkin fight even if I'm giving her what she asks for!

And it does grind on me,
but as much as I hate some days,
even weeks,
I wouldn't change being their mom for anything in the world.
I mean, they do shower me with kisses,
hugs and are always happy to see me in the morning.
Neither go to bed as well if I'm not home,
which somewhat selfishly I love hahaha
First because it gives Andrew a piece of what I deal with,
and second because I miss them too when I'm gone.
Heeheehee ;)
In other news, we had our family pictures taken this past Saturday,
and for the occasion I got my hair all fixed: blue removed,
 added more of the blonde in,
and my hair lady (who is also my co-teacher/leader in 
Primary/Activity Days) 
styled it amazingly for the pictures!!
I also made the girls these adorable necklaces for the pictures
AND my boutique is coming THIS Saturday and I'm nervous because 
I'm the FIRST booth people will see!
It's both good and bad hahaha I just hope I get some customers ;)
Oh! And if you're at all interested,
since it's my birthday month,
I have a code in the shop for free shipping on your entire order!

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