24 September 2015

Catch Up!

Ok let's do a little catch up.
I didn't even realize I hadn't been on since Jade's birthday!
So first, her party:
We did a SUPER small family and close friends that came over and celebrated 
our precious gem turning one!
And the only pictures I took were of her eating her massive chocolate cupcake

 To say she enjoyed it, I believe, would be an understatement hahaha
She ate with such ferocity that she even got it in her eyes!
 And after a nice bath, she opened a few gifts and then fell sound asleep
and slept the entire night without making a peep!
Rory has been on a "I wanna help YOOOOOOOOUUUU" phase.
And I'll be completely honest,
I'm NOT a fan of toddler help in the kitchen.
I make enough of a mess by myself, I don't like the idea of my 3 year old adding to it.
for one day I let it go (mostly) and had her help me make my mom's famous cookies.

Yes, it was messy.
But not nearly as bad as I thought, I'll admit.
Only "problem" is that now that she's done cookies, EVERYTHING I bake
needs to have her help now hahaha
She also helped Daddy make our dinner (sandwiches) another night that week.
And she was VERY proud of herself.
I was proud of her too.
She listened to Daddy really well (oh the jealousy!!)
and only did what he said to do.

And she did pretty good making mine too ;)
Yes she's adorable and a handful haha
On Saturday that week
we went to the park because,
it was 80* and CLOUDY!
So to the park we went and Rory got to ride her bike from
Grandparents Mills
all the way there and back.

Took like 4 times as long to walk to and from the park but it was worth it
for the look on her face of pure joy! 

Jadey is turning into quite the daredevil
and she does the "you say no.....but look at how cute I am doing it!!"

Gosh and she's right!
So stinkin adorable it's hard to stay mad at her for doing dangerous things.
So there's the haps around here ;)
Just pluggin away day after day ;)
Doin what we do!

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