10 August 2015

Potty Training!

Hello there friends!

SO this past week we've been potty training Rory.
FINALLY she has taken to it
and hasn't fought me much at all in comparison.

We had tried about 3 other times to do it with her
and each time she would scream bloody murder
and kick and push and just make it a living h-e-double hockey sticks.

Then I had a slight epiphany when our friends were also training THEIR daughter
who's only 6 months older.
They were using Pull Ups.
I had always told myself "MY children will only use underwear for potty training,
Pull Ups are a crutch"
(*insert head shaking and facepalming*)
Then I acutally TRIED potty training multiple times doing that method.
Guess what?
It DIDN'T work!
She would freak out any time she'd pee.
And she'd just stand there and scream.

Then I thought, ok time for Pull Ups.
I bought the Cooling ones.
As in, she gets wet at all and it gets cold!! 
The ones where the designs fade or whatever 
were NOT gonna do it for her, I just knew. 
So this was a great shock to her system hahaha
BUT she also learned SOOO fast to go to the potty!
 And for the past 3 days she's had no accidents 
(occasionally she's peed a little when she gets stuck in the Pull Ups 
but I don't count those)
And she's been going in the potty more and more.
She earned this nightgown from grandma and grandpa Bowler
for going a whole day without accidents!
(she also gets it taken away if she DOES pee in her Pull Ups)
At night right before bed, we have her go, 
and then we do still put an overnight diaper on
because we want to get daytime potty under control first 
PLUS it's so freaking hot
I don't want to take away fluids right now.

And Rory has been awesome!
And I'll tell you another reason why.

This rewards chart. 
I hadn't really thought about rewards other than like one skittle for pee and 2 for poop.
But THIS is what finally clicked in Rory's mind.
She can SEE her progress and she gets more eager 
every time she's close to earning a prize.
She's earned both the sunglasses and water bottle
and is like 10 stickers away from the Elsa doll!
I still have a couple more prizes but those will be DAYS of no accidents and such.
But we will still put stickers on ;)
She LOVES stickers ;)

In other news MAMA GOT A NEW PHONE!

Oh yeahhhhhh!
I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus
(and please ignore the bad mirror and bad hair,
Rory had just jumped on me demanding breakfast hahaha)

And this baby is on its way to me to keep my phone protected ;) :)
I do love me some Thor heehee

So recap: When potty training, my idea is only do what works best for your kid.
You will get all the advice and commands in the world, 
but your kid will only do it when it's the way they're comfortable.
Just like with anything in parenting, take all advice with a grain of salt 
and decide what works better for you ;)

*Edit: she earned the Elsa doll this afternoon hahahaha she's on FIRE*

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