23 July 2015

Splash Pad!

So I'm ashamed to say that this was the first official time 
I've taken them to the Splash Pad
But honestly I think they were fine waiting for it hahaha
We went to the one closer to my family
and SIL so it was a drive for us but totally worth the smiles on my girls' faces
when they saw their grandma, uncle, aunt and cousin ;)
First I had to get pictures of them in their adorable suits!
Jade: Minnie Mouse with an ice cream cone and princess cover
Rory: Avengers rash guard and Ariel swim bottoms haha

 We got there and Rory had been so excited,
then she saw the water hahahaha
she's such a scaredy cat when it comes to non-bath water!
Jade however, after a little encouragement from me,
just took off! 

 She basically was like "Adios mama!"
And then there's my chicken child Rory,
who basically just stood around or ran around "making footprints" 
(ya know, with her wet feet)
But she looked cute so that's all that matters!
Although in these pictures,
she actually DID sit on one!
I was so proud hahaha

After we thoroughly exhausted ourselves
we went to lunch at Panda with everyone and then drove home
for a nice and LONG nap and quiet time which turned into a nap ;)
  All in all an amazing day!
AND I found my point and shoot camera finally
so now I should hopefully have some better-than-my-phone pics in all my posts now!

Next post I'll show you what we've done in the living room redecorating project!

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