02 July 2015

Rory turns 3!

Rory turned 3 on June 19th
so I'm only a couple weeks late,
still works right??

Rory and Andrew share a birthday week.
His birthday was on Monday and hers on Friday so we thought it'd be fun
to have him take the day off and play with us ;)

We started the morning very normal and low LOW key
just so we could get naps and relaxation from the girls before the exciting afternoon ;)

Then the festivities began!
We met up with Grandma and Grandpa Bowler,
for which Rory was sooo excited!
And we took her to Build A Bear!

It was her second time there but this time she actually 
mostly understood what was happening.
She had an entire wall of animals to choose from
and she chose Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon!
She LOVES those movies,
and we were actually surprised cuz there was a Superman bear
and a Captain America bear
plus all the Disney Palace Pets and she went straight for Toothless ;)
So proud of my little lady!

We then went to the Disney Store
(and of course we were so busy looking at everything I took no pictures haha)
and she got a pair of sparkly Aurora shoes for her party the next day 
and she wears them everywhere now when she wants to be fancy ;)

And finally we had dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ!
We've now decided that it's an official tradition ;)
We went there last year and loved it
so we went again this year and we thought
"Let's make it official!"

Birthday girl got a sparkler ice cream sundae for dessert
and she both loved and feared it haha

We got the girls home and bathed and in bed on time
which we were super proud of,
and glad because the next day was PARTY time!

I can't believe my baby girl is 3!
These years have flown by so fast.....it's bittersweet.
I love watching her grow into a very independent, super sassy, gorgeous girl.
Her spirit is one that is very bright and shines through the darkest times.
Yes there are tantrums galore,
threenager moments every single day,
and she tests my patience more than ever before;
but she is also the sweetest, gives the best hugs,
cares for her sister more than anything,
and just loves more than anyone.
I'm very proud to be her mama and I'm excited for many many more years with her ;)

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