06 July 2015

Mormon Mom Planner Affiliate

You all remember that I got myself a planner this year to try to get myself more organized?
WELL, I'm now an official affiliate for the company that I got it from!

In The Leafy Treetops is the site and the planner I have is the 
Mormon Mom Planner aka Mothers Who Know ;)
 For me, it has the perfect balance of planning for my family,
life, and for my calling and all that comes with that responsibility.
There's a place for FHE (Family Home Evening),
for notes if you teach Sunday School or any kind of teaching position in church.
Visiting Teaching logs,
Christmas planning (both meals and presents),
a page dedicated to each child and for your spouse 
for you to remember everything about their year,
of course there's also a small contact list portion but I don't use that one only 
because I already have an address book that I use for those purposes ;)

Ok so the videos I attached were for a friend of mine that asked me about it
hahaha so forgive the weirdness in them!

Here's a look at a couple of my weeks,
again forgive the pencil scribbles.......remember how I mentioned threenager moments?
Yeah, Rory decided to "color" my planner for me when she got mad....

I usually get my stickers from Lillie Henry on Etsy 
but honestly, you can get planner stickers anywhere.
Etsy is a great place to find them for pretty good money too!
I like Erin's stuff cuz it's pretty and colorful and really good quality!
Her stickers are technically intended for the EC planners but I just get the 
small versions of the stickers and they work just fine ;)
Or you can get the big ones too, they're just big hahaha

When I first ordered the planner I went all out,
bought a bookmark (thank heavens),
a pen holder, and their stickers.
All of which has proved to be super useful,
but they also are not essential ;)

In addition to the planners and accessories they have a wide range of printables.
ALL of the printables are FREE!
(minus the PDFs of the planners of course)




These are just a couple of my faves ;)

So click on the sidebar photo and if you feel like ordering,
I'll get a percentage back! ;)
But really no pressure, I just want you all to find something you love!

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