04 July 2015

Aurora's Pirate/Princess Party

So Rory's party this year I went super simple.
When I started planning I had many great ideas.
SO many ideas!
It was overwhelming but seemed like so much fun,
until I realized I'd need money hahaha
SO we went the simple route.

Rory asked for a pirate AND princess party,
so we combined it!
We decorated with black and pink and green (green is Rory's favorite color)
and again, went super simple.
Just a small table with some finger foods and a cake form Costco.
Rory got a wagon from GG and Papa so we used that to hold all the presents ;)
(she also got a balance bike and safety gear from Grandma and Grandpa Mills)

I will be forever grateful to all that came!
Rory was so happy to see all of her friends and their families come to celebrate with her!

We also had some special visitors!

Some pirates got lost on their quest to find the enchanted tiara,
so they asked if we would help them find it.
And find it we did!

It took a special song to open the cage
(Happy Birthday)
and Rory got her special tiara ;)

This was her "Thank you EVERYONE"
after she opened all her presents!
I'm still floored by how generous everyone was!

After her party was over,
we took the birthday girl to see Inside Out,
still in her princess dress of course haha
and she loved that too!
We had such a fun day and she still talks about her awesome party ;)
So note to self,
simple is better!

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