23 July 2015

Splash Pad!

So I'm ashamed to say that this was the first official time 
I've taken them to the Splash Pad
But honestly I think they were fine waiting for it hahaha
We went to the one closer to my family
and SIL so it was a drive for us but totally worth the smiles on my girls' faces
when they saw their grandma, uncle, aunt and cousin ;)
First I had to get pictures of them in their adorable suits!
Jade: Minnie Mouse with an ice cream cone and princess cover
Rory: Avengers rash guard and Ariel swim bottoms haha

 We got there and Rory had been so excited,
then she saw the water hahahaha
she's such a scaredy cat when it comes to non-bath water!
Jade however, after a little encouragement from me,
just took off! 

 She basically was like "Adios mama!"
And then there's my chicken child Rory,
who basically just stood around or ran around "making footprints" 
(ya know, with her wet feet)
But she looked cute so that's all that matters!
Although in these pictures,
she actually DID sit on one!
I was so proud hahaha

After we thoroughly exhausted ourselves
we went to lunch at Panda with everyone and then drove home
for a nice and LONG nap and quiet time which turned into a nap ;)
  All in all an amazing day!
AND I found my point and shoot camera finally
so now I should hopefully have some better-than-my-phone pics in all my posts now!

Next post I'll show you what we've done in the living room redecorating project!

14 July 2015

Life and new decor!

Hello gorgeous people!
The last few weeks have been interesting.
 We've been reorganizing, decluttering,
and moving things around.
And we've been having many deep talks about our future.
Andrew and I basically had one goal:
to be parents.
Well that's here now so it has been time to hanker down 
and figure out what our future should hold.

That's a lot harder for Andrew to focus on than me.
Me, I want a goal.
Something to attain and reach for.

Andrew, on the other hand is way more laid back hahaha
he's happy where we are now and that's fabulous.

But finally we both had to compromise for the other
and things started falling into place for new opportunities
as well as for us to get closer
and feel more united.
We now have so many plans that it's hilarious haha
most of them have to do with our house.
We want to improve it and make it the best it can possibly be
for whenever we sell/move to a new one.
It'll be a LONG time before we can do any of it
but the goals are there for me,
and the time is there for Andrew ;)

Part of what I want to do is get our inside painted!
I've been begging for paint for the entire time we've lived here so far
(almost 2 years)
so that's the next big project I get to tackle.
Andrew hates to paint haha
so it'll be mostly me but I'm excited to go pick out colors
and start on it!

And since I'm doing a "refresh" of my living room,
we've been moving things around on our walls.
I just kinda hodpodged put stuff up when we moved in,
so now I want a more cohesive idea haha

Where we used to have our "family" wall,
is now going to be the "Disney, family hangout" wall.
My Disneyland map will go up there,
plus pictures of us either at the park or just hanging around being goofy
plus a whole bunch more of my lithographs that have been in boxes
since we got married.
Scratch that, since I moved to Disneyland in 2010 hahaha

One thing I also want to do on both of my walls and kitchen is get prints from shops
that I adore and add them to the mish mosh of crazy ;)
Karla contacted me about a print idea she had for my living room
and I about died from the awesome!

 "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
One of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney.
Karla is an AMAZING artist and photographer!
Her shop is Karla Storey
and everything is handmade!
I do mean everything,
no two pieces are exactly the same
and to me that's awesome as a customer because I only want unique things ;)
You want to know the best thing about her shop?

ALL of her proceeds go to 
"Feeding the Orphans" organization
which help give food, water, and shelter to orphans!
I mean, how amazing is that?
So many lives are blessed by her handiwork and children are being saved
thanks to her hard work and generosity.
I am honored to have a piece of her story in my home
and when I look at it in the frame,
I think of the children she helped by doing this piece.
She's such a special person and I'm glad I found her shop!
You should all check her outon IG too @karlastoey_

06 July 2015

Mormon Mom Planner Affiliate

You all remember that I got myself a planner this year to try to get myself more organized?
WELL, I'm now an official affiliate for the company that I got it from!

In The Leafy Treetops is the site and the planner I have is the 
Mormon Mom Planner aka Mothers Who Know ;)
 For me, it has the perfect balance of planning for my family,
life, and for my calling and all that comes with that responsibility.
There's a place for FHE (Family Home Evening),
for notes if you teach Sunday School or any kind of teaching position in church.
Visiting Teaching logs,
Christmas planning (both meals and presents),
a page dedicated to each child and for your spouse 
for you to remember everything about their year,
of course there's also a small contact list portion but I don't use that one only 
because I already have an address book that I use for those purposes ;)

Ok so the videos I attached were for a friend of mine that asked me about it
hahaha so forgive the weirdness in them!

Here's a look at a couple of my weeks,
again forgive the pencil scribbles.......remember how I mentioned threenager moments?
Yeah, Rory decided to "color" my planner for me when she got mad....

I usually get my stickers from Lillie Henry on Etsy 
but honestly, you can get planner stickers anywhere.
Etsy is a great place to find them for pretty good money too!
I like Erin's stuff cuz it's pretty and colorful and really good quality!
Her stickers are technically intended for the EC planners but I just get the 
small versions of the stickers and they work just fine ;)
Or you can get the big ones too, they're just big hahaha

When I first ordered the planner I went all out,
bought a bookmark (thank heavens),
a pen holder, and their stickers.
All of which has proved to be super useful,
but they also are not essential ;)

In addition to the planners and accessories they have a wide range of printables.
ALL of the printables are FREE!
(minus the PDFs of the planners of course)




These are just a couple of my faves ;)

So click on the sidebar photo and if you feel like ordering,
I'll get a percentage back! ;)
But really no pressure, I just want you all to find something you love!

04 July 2015

Aurora's Pirate/Princess Party

So Rory's party this year I went super simple.
When I started planning I had many great ideas.
SO many ideas!
It was overwhelming but seemed like so much fun,
until I realized I'd need money hahaha
SO we went the simple route.

Rory asked for a pirate AND princess party,
so we combined it!
We decorated with black and pink and green (green is Rory's favorite color)
and again, went super simple.
Just a small table with some finger foods and a cake form Costco.
Rory got a wagon from GG and Papa so we used that to hold all the presents ;)
(she also got a balance bike and safety gear from Grandma and Grandpa Mills)

I will be forever grateful to all that came!
Rory was so happy to see all of her friends and their families come to celebrate with her!

We also had some special visitors!

Some pirates got lost on their quest to find the enchanted tiara,
so they asked if we would help them find it.
And find it we did!

It took a special song to open the cage
(Happy Birthday)
and Rory got her special tiara ;)

This was her "Thank you EVERYONE"
after she opened all her presents!
I'm still floored by how generous everyone was!

After her party was over,
we took the birthday girl to see Inside Out,
still in her princess dress of course haha
and she loved that too!
We had such a fun day and she still talks about her awesome party ;)
So note to self,
simple is better!