03 June 2015


I figured it's past time for an update on my adorable girls!

Rory is two weeks shy of 3 years old!
She's a little spitfire and usually I love it haha
We've been able to spend a couple Wednesdays so far going to a movie together
just the two of us (while Uncle Trevor watches Jadey)
and it's been awesome to have that one on one time.

She's my little buddy and I try to remember all the good things 
even when she drives me up the wall, like
"Mama you my best friend"
She gives hugs and kisses like candy,
she also tries to use them as bribes to get out of trouble.
She throws massive tantrums
and then when they're over, she comes out and puts her hands on my face
and says "Mama (or Mommy), I'm so sorry"
and it melts my heart most of the time.
She knows a lot of the words to "Blank Space"
 A feat that I THINK I'm proud of??
Jadey has been growing like crazy!!
She's coming up on 10 months old already!
She climbs everything!
 Gives me a heart attack every time she does it,
but I'm also used to it.
It's only when she discovers a new climbing place that I panic for a minute.
She's so close to walking she can taste it!
 And she's got so much personality and love.
She adores her big sister and they play together really well 
for which I am eternally grateful!
If they didn't get along I'd probably die.

All of the snuggles and giggles and loves between sisters 
just helps me realize how awesome my job is.
I get to help these adorable little minions grow into young girls and women!
How amazing is that!?

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