27 March 2015

My Andrew

I want to take a minute and write a little about this wonderful husband of mine.
I don't even know what I would do without him.
Before Andrew and I dated,
most of you know that we couldn't stand each other haha (story here)
but while we dated other people we both knew that we hadn't found
that right person just yet. 
He and I had each had a very serious relationship
(as serious as you can get in high school haha)
that ended on either weird or bad circumstances
before we found each other.
I know I was a broken human being when he asked to date me.
Honestly, he saved me from myself.
He showed me that I was worth something again,
that I should want something more from a relationship.
He was also the one to say "I love you" first.
And I didn't say it back at that time haha
poor guy!
I told him I just wasn't ready to say it yet,
and he had patience.
6 months into our relationship I knew.
It was Christmas time
(my favorite!)
and while we were sitting in my house,
he pulled out some Swarovski forget-me-not flowers 
as his first gift to me.
I may have cried a little and didn't even say thank you,
I just looked at him and said "I love you too."
While he was on his mission
I had a love/hate relationship with the postal service hahaha
We sent letters and cassette tapes back and forth for two years
and we both grew up so much.
I missed him like crazy but I trusted in the Lord and knew if it was meant to be,
it would be.
He came home and from the moment I saw him again,
I felt whole.
Like my heart was finally back in one piece and it wouldn't have to break again.
When he proposed i didn't even let him get the question out haha
again, poor guy!
I knew how happy he made me and I just wanted to marry him right then and right there.

On our wedding day,
I had never been happier.
We were finally able to take that step and be sealed for eternity together.
That's right, he's mine and I'm his for eternity.
And we were beyond ready to start our married life together.

When we welcomed our first baby,
my heart burst from the love I felt for him and Rory.
He was the biggest supporter and comforter
and then the greatest ally I had during recovery.
We had our first rough patch those months after having Rory in our lives.
I neglected him,
he resented me,
we were not healthy in our relationship.
Until we finally decided it was time to focus on us again.

When I got pregnant with Jade,
I won't lie,
I panicked.
I did not want to go through that resentment stage again.
 I didn't want to deal with that all over again.
So we prepared ourselves for another precious daughter
and we made rules that we still follow to make sure we're taking time for each other.
When Jade came
again my heart was full of love for my awesome husband.
He was there.
I don't know how else to describe it.
As long as I knew he was there, I didn't need to worry about anything.
He told me "I know now what I should have done 2 years ago."
and he's been an even more amazing father.

It's hard sometimes to remember that it used to be just us.
We love the season we're in right now with our sweet girls,
but I do love when we are able to do things just the two of us again.
Helps me remember how I used to be and 
how I can work on being better for my husband.


Andrew is the hardest worker.
I know I say that a lot on here but I'm serious.
He never complains,
never asks me to do more than I am able,
never assumes I'll always be pleasant when he comes home
(though I try really hard to be),
and he loves me.
He's seen me through some of my darkest days
and he was the only light I could see.
I can't really even describe correctly how much he means to me.
I know this is a little mushy and kinda out of the blue,
but I just really love this man of mine and I still can't believe
he let me steal his heart and that he was stealthy enough to get mine ;)


  1. Aw mushy love fest!!! I love it! :) It's awesome that you have that strong relationship with your husband! Everyone should be so lucky! :)

  2. I kinda like him a bunch ;) I feel extremely lucky that he picked me ;)


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