24 March 2015


Holy cow how is it almost April already!?
Time never seems to slow down like ever hahaha
Which is both a blessing and a curse.

I enjoy spending all the time with my kiddos
but I won't lie that I do enjoy the fact that time is passing quickly because
some days are just too long for me or I just need them to end haha
But I LOVE being Rory and Jadey's mama.

Those girls have bloomed into crazy little ladies.
They have this amazing dynamic that I pray continues throughout their lives.
Rory will do anything to make Jade smile
and plays with her so well (most of the time haha)
and Jade will light up like a Christmas tree when she sees her sister walk in
and they talk in their own kind of language haha
I almost feel jealous but then I am so incredibly grateful that they have each other
because I don't have a sister (I have brothers ugh hahaha jk bros! Love you!)
and I truly hope they stay friends forever.

For Activity Days this month we did our Mother's Day gifts
Yes I know, super early BUT we made candles!
Guys you know how "crafty" I am so this was a HUGE accomplishment
for me to even do all by myself, let alone teaching the girls how to do it.
And thank heavens for Tanya my partner for finding a shortcut that worked better haha
I made a blue "cinnamon swirl" scented candle. 

BOOM baby!
I made that!
By myself!
And the girls' turned out really good too ;)
 Also I should never leave my chalkboard pens out when the girls are here ;)
Took me 15 minutes to get this cleaned off hahaha

I got to try out making my moms famous chocolate chip cookie recipe last week.
The one that I butchered at age 10 and haven't had the nerve to try again since haha
But I finally put on my big girl pants and tried again.
 And guess what?!
They didn't suck!
They didn't come out perfectly like my moms BUT they didn't suck!
Last week Andrew and I went to Ikea on a date
and we found a frame there for my Disneyland map in the As-Is section for $10!!
It has two small dings on the side and has some structure issues but I mean,
it's going on the wall and it's big enough for my map, I bought that thing!
 And I can't wait to hang it up!
 So there's life around the Mills' house ;)

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