12 March 2015


So last week I decided to hop on a plane to Utah and crash at Alyx's
for a weekend and try to help out before her new baby boy makes his appearance ;)

I had loads of fun and took NO pictures hahaha
(other than the awkward driving selfie....)
Let's just say it was quite a whirlwind of a weekend
and it was a BLAST!

The best part was that I was able to help a little bit and 
do things I've been wanting to do for years!
Like I finally met Brooke and Jamie in real life!
Like I hugged them!
Oh and Eryka ran into us at Ikea,
Bri let me shop for LulaRoe in her living room
(which by the way, almost half of my wardrobe is now LulaRoe hahaha
It's just so seriously comfy!)
And guess what?
Every one of them was as sweet as I knew they would be!
I'm even more stoked that Brooke is going to be moving here to AZ in the summer,
so playdates will be happening!

I mentioned we went to Ikea.
I love Ikea.
I haven't been in YEARS because I get overwhelmed by the awesomeness,
BUT after going in Draper,
I knew I needed to go here so I packed up my girls and we went on Monday.
And I LOVE Ikea!
Hahahaha did I mention that already?
I got all kinds of goodies!
Mostly kids plates, bowls, and cups and utensils, and bibs.
A car mat for Rory to roll her cars on.
A timer and sifter, and funnels!
Guys we've been married how long and never owned a funnel?
And I've even got Andrew to go with me there on Friday for date night
so we can look at more serious things like furniture haha

The girls did so good I bought them each a stuffed animal.
Now Rory picked both of them cuz ya know, she has opinions.

A carrot for her, and a broccoli for Jade......
and yes, the carrot for some reason is upside down??
BUT they're soft and Jade can eat them.
So I'm happy.

So far that's really been it around here.
Rory's got herself a sinus infection poor girl,
but luckily it's not contagious or anything and she's acting normal 
so hopefully she'll be over it soon!

Also, this has been happening:

She's mobile!
Her crawl is my favorite haha 
like a boat rocking!
Sorry it's dark, it was 6 AM when I took it ;)


  1. Sounds like you had so much fun! I still haven't even met Emma and I feel like we are bests because I've been reading her blog from the start! lol So exciting that Jadey is mobile! <3

  2. It's insane!! She's eriously so fast and yet so slow hahaha poor thing!

    Emma and I met a couple times and she's seriously the sweetest!


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