02 February 2015

Stolen Peacock feathers!

So on Saturday I ran into a peacock
and may have stole his colorful feathers ;)
And I absolutely love it!
I paired the hair with this outfit on Sunday
and I may have purchased my first pairs of heels since being engaged!

Thanks for the BOGO Payless ;) 
I love both pairs of these heels AND they're the comfort memory foam insides.

I'm all for making myself feel better
with a cute new outfit and I'm in love with my hair,
I'm also now super cool according to my girls in Activity Days haha
And Rory has asked me for colors in her hair so maybe we'll have to try some
hair chalk at some point?? ;)

1 comment:

  1. Those blue heels are amazing! I got a pair of nude heels from Payless a while back that must be the same brand, because they are so comfy (for heels... haha) that I actually wear them now and then, even with a baby to chase at church. And that is a miracle if you ask me.


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