26 February 2015

My girls and life

Ok first thing's first,
vendor event:

It actually went better than we thought but not as well as we had hoped for.
The problem was it wasn't in an obvious place 
and as such foot traffic was pretty much non existant.
And let me tell you, I have NEVER had such bad allergies!
The dead grass was killing me!
I actually had to leave my table with my cousin in law and run to a store
for Kleenex and allergy meds hahaha
But I made a little bit of money which was nice.
Now I'm just hoping to get into more and more events and boutiques!

Today my Jadey Loo turned 6 months old!
Where did the time go?
She's geting so big so stinkin fast!
She's finally starting to be ok with solids,
and sleeping for longer chunks at night which makes everyone happy.
She rolls and sits up.
She can't get herself up by herself yet, but she's trying ;)
She's almost crawling.
Currently she's scooting backwards on her head it's hilarious hahaha

I just can't believe how quickly time is fading by.
Days mesh into one no matter how much I try to slow them down!
But it's a glorious mesh,
and I'm happy to be the one my girls get to run to everyday for everything
(well, most of the time hahaha)

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