26 February 2015

My girls and life

Ok first thing's first,
vendor event:

It actually went better than we thought but not as well as we had hoped for.
The problem was it wasn't in an obvious place 
and as such foot traffic was pretty much non existant.
And let me tell you, I have NEVER had such bad allergies!
The dead grass was killing me!
I actually had to leave my table with my cousin in law and run to a store
for Kleenex and allergy meds hahaha
But I made a little bit of money which was nice.
Now I'm just hoping to get into more and more events and boutiques!

Today my Jadey Loo turned 6 months old!
Where did the time go?
She's geting so big so stinkin fast!
She's finally starting to be ok with solids,
and sleeping for longer chunks at night which makes everyone happy.
She rolls and sits up.
She can't get herself up by herself yet, but she's trying ;)
She's almost crawling.
Currently she's scooting backwards on her head it's hilarious hahaha

I just can't believe how quickly time is fading by.
Days mesh into one no matter how much I try to slow them down!
But it's a glorious mesh,
and I'm happy to be the one my girls get to run to everyday for everything
(well, most of the time hahaha)

12 February 2015

Oh life you slay me!

Life has been both crazy and yet super chill at the same time.
How it does that is beyond me!
Rory is growing like a weed,
Jade is on the verge of crawling,
which while it'll bring it's own set of problems,
I can't WAIT for her to figure it out only because then she won't so stinkin upset 
about not being able to move on her own hahaha
Rory has bloomed in her talking abilities.
She's starting to say "Of course I can!"
"Don't worry, I can do it!"
"Mommy I love you so much I wanna squeeze you!"
"Jadey you need to calm down, you ok."
It's adorable.

Jade has discovered her voice, her toes, and is now a rolling dervish ;)
She's wanting so badly to crawl and honestly
I'm to the point that I'd rather her be able to crawl and follow me 
instead of me having to hold her all the time.
Mama's arms get tired hahaha
plus she wants her liberty so badly!
She's still a very petite little thing but she's gaining weight on track,
she's just not the monster her sister was hahaha
She's ready for baby foods and such yet she doesn't like me actually giving them to her,
she just wants whatever we have, goofy girl.
But she's had little pieces of bread and banana so baby steps!

Andrew is doing great at his new job!
He started as just a backup for the other customer service guys 
and now he has his own lines of product he's in charge of,
which means he's moving up!
And getting paid more!
Woot woot!
He's such an amazingly hard worker and I couldn't be more grateful for him
and his willingness to do everything possible for his family.

As for me,
I'm here doing muh thang day in and day out.
I'm getting ready to do my first ever vendor event!!
I'm super excited and super nervous about it at the same time!
Let me just say this before I get into the boutique thing,
my depression has lessened a bunch since I got myself organized.
I got myself a planner, we've been meal planning, and grocery list making,
and keeping to our budget,
and Andrew's been awesome and let me buy a few new clothes for myself

 (red dress was for the AYT Masquerade Ball,
forgive the mirror smudge...,
and my new crazy leggings!)
and the girls (Jade's hand me downs are the wrong season now cuz she's so dainty haha)
I still have days that are bad, BUT they're significantly less frequent
than they used to be.
I'm still a work in progress but I feel good with this huge step towards feeling normal.
Ok now back to business (hahaha literally)
So a friend of mine contacted me and said
"Hey I wanna do a spring time vendor event and you should come and sell your jewelry!"
And so I said "Let's do this!"
So we organized together (as in pretty much all of the vendors are doing this together)
and got ourselves an amazing group of ladies for this!
I can't wait!
I'm mostly hoping to get my name out more than anything because I would really like
for Just An Armful of Sugar to become a little bit bigger
to help support my family and help us put money towards some fun things ;)
Another big thing is that I have recently become a Pogo Pass affiliate!
If you're a local Arizonian, you have probably heard of Pogo Pass.
It's a pass you buy that gets you free access to 15 different venues
(some restrictions apply for each one)
and it's an amazing thing for families!
Children under 3 don't need one since they're free almost everywhere,
and if you use my code to buy one it's only $39.98 instead of $99!
I love ours and I'm going to be renewing them ASAP!

So that's it for this edition of catchup!
What's happening in your lives??

02 February 2015

Stolen Peacock feathers!

So on Saturday I ran into a peacock
and may have stole his colorful feathers ;)
And I absolutely love it!
I paired the hair with this outfit on Sunday
and I may have purchased my first pairs of heels since being engaged!

Thanks for the BOGO Payless ;) 
I love both pairs of these heels AND they're the comfort memory foam insides.

I'm all for making myself feel better
with a cute new outfit and I'm in love with my hair,
I'm also now super cool according to my girls in Activity Days haha
And Rory has asked me for colors in her hair so maybe we'll have to try some
hair chalk at some point?? ;)