19 January 2015


So Andrew and I got away this weekend
to Sedona,
just the two of us.
And let me tell you, it was much needed,
and much appreciated of my parents to take the kids for the weekend.
We had such a fun time reconnecting as a couple,
playing board games and talking over future plans.
So many things we're looking forward to doing later in our lives ;)
And now, the pictures.

I was obsessed with the landscape
and couldn't help taking a bazillion pictures of it hahaha
our hotel room had the best view,
we played Skip Bo for Andrew's first time and he caught on way too fast
hahaha he beat me like every time we played after the first time ;)
We're hoping to make this a more often happening,
like a every other year or something.
We needed this time away to remember that we weren't always parents.
And that we need to put our marriage as much at the top
as we do the kids.
It was a wonderful time and I'm so glad I got it for Andrew for Christmas ;) 

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