23 January 2015

My Big Girl Rory

I haven't done a post about JUST Rory in a long time
and i think it's overdue ;)

My baby girl is not even close to a baby anymore.
She turns 3 this year. 
She is ALL personality.
Full of sass and love.

She's so tenderhearted.
She's been very into The Lorax lately
and as such when she sees any landscaping with trees getting trimmed
she yells "I speak for the trees!"
it's hilarious and slightly embarrassing to try to explain haha
She also asks to watch Howl's Moving Castle
at least once a day,
and since it's one of my favorites, I usually oblige.
She's such an unusual girl in movie choices.
But that just proves she's my kid ;)
She may LOOK just like a Mills,
but there's a little bit of Bowler in there too ;)
She's the biggest helper and loves to be my sidekick
pretty much everywhere.
She also is VERY independent.
"How abut I do it?"
"No Mama I do it, I'm a big girl".
"Mama I help you please?"
"May I please get a cookie for Jadey?"
which is super helpful except for the whole Jade's too little for cookies part haha
but she always thinks of her little sister and how to make things better for her.
It's one of the many many things I love about her.
Her huge heart makes mine swell with pride.
Some of her favorite sayings are:
- "Jadey what's the deal??"
(both in seriousness when Jade's crying and just for fun when they're playing)
- "Mama/Daddy do you want to {insert action for her here}??"
and that's usually accompanied by a kiss and hug to get what she wants ;)
- "Mama you my best friend. and Jadey. And Daddy. And grandma.
And {insert every name she knows here}".
- "I'm NOT baby, I'm a BIG GIRL"
if I ever call her baby hahaha
 - "You so fine baby girl. Jadey you ok. I love you sister.
Here's you toy."
Pretty much whenever Jade is having a fit

Wish time could stop and yet I love watching her grow up.
Looking at Jade reminds me how Rory used to be.
And how exciting, though extremely challenging, the future will be.
The other night when I was putting Rory to bed,
she climbed onto my lap like normal,
asked for a snuggle like normal,
but then asked me to "lay down and rock" her.
As in, lean back in the rocker and rock her.
So I did and she snuggled in close to me ad went limp just like she used to as a baby.
I had a true sad sad moment right there realizing that my baby
wasn't a baby anymore.
BUT knowing that she still wants her mom to snuggle her
and will, on rare occasions,
give me huge smiles and reminders of her babyhood.

And yes, she is a HUGE challenge as well because she's 2,
but I want to remember all of the good and try to forget the tantrums
and sass and remember the sweet hugs, "I love you Mama"s and kisses.

If you need me,
I'll be over here on the floor in a puddle of melted heart ;)

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