30 December 2014

Year in Review 2014!

Another year has gone by!
And holy cow it went fast!
I love doing these year in review posts!
I love seeing how much has changed in just 12 months.
We went to the Gilbert Temple Open House
 Rory loved seeing all the pretty lights and crystals
and every time we drive by it she shouts
"Mama it's da demple!!"
 We announced that we were going to be adding to our little family,
I got called into Activity Days and the 10/11 girls teacher in our ward,
Andrew got called to be a ward missionary. 
Rory hated taking this picture haha
she had just seen the baby on the ultrasound and just kept wanting to see
it move around in there and listen to the heartbeat.
Rory got her big girl bed and officially moved out of the crib
and we found out we would be having another sweet baby girl
There was a lot going on in that month haha
lots of big changes and excitement!
I went to the Blogger Meetup
and my nesting instinct had kicked into full gear hahaha 
oh and Easter of course!

Hahahaha so many preggos in that picture!!
And my cabinets still aren't clean but that's ok,
and Rory still talks about the swings and wants them so bad!
Maybe next year for Christmas kid....
or we'll just go to the park haha
Celebrated Mother's Day,
Rory's first As You Wish trip,
and her first Diamondbacks Game

She points to her flower with pride on the fridge
(I had them make it into a magnet)
and she's made 2 more things since then haha
I still haven't finished all that chocolate ;)
Be proud people!
Rory turned 2!
Andrew turned 25!
We took a trip to San Diego with my in-laws
including the San Diego Zoo!
And geared up to be ready for Jade to appear in 2 months!
Andrew still loves his grill
and Rory is still just as sassy hahaha
As You Wish for 4th of July
I opened my Etsy shop
and I had a slight meltdown about having another baby

It all worked out though didn't it? ;)
And Rory is obsessed with her horse she made that day.
I had a bunch of amazing guest posters while we waited for
Jade to make her arrival
and then she did!
Andrew got a new job with Apex Electrical Sales
and we are forever grateful for that.
Best month ever!
Became a mother of two
and watched Rory become a big sister 
and Andrew be a brand new dad all over again.
We adjusted to life with two little ones
and took a family field trip to the aquarium!

So fun!
And absolutely insane!
I turned 26,
we went to Disneyland with my family,
and a birthday week of giveaways!

The magic of Disneyland experienced through Rory 
just brought me to tears on multiple occasions.
My birthday was a little lackluster BUT I got snuggles from both my girls
and Andrew took me to dinner that night which was nice hahaha
Rory got even more into her role as big sister,
Jade was blessed in church,
and we put the tree up over a month early.
Also got our family pictures taken! 

It was the beginning of the crazy but the fun of the season ;)
Andrew and I celebrated 4 years of marriage,
Christmas was amazing,
Haley came home from her mission,
Liam turned one
and we just learned to enjoy the moment.
What a year!!
I can't wait to see what's in store for the next one!


  1. What a wonderful year! I love keeping up with your family's adventures on Instagram. You are such a sweet friend, and I hope 2015 is the best year yet!

  2. It sure was a crazy busy year!! I love the recap of all the exciting things!! Can't wait to follow sling this year!


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