09 December 2014

Wish I had Known

I wish I had known

- that I would be emptying trashes multiple times a day
- that dirty diapers are like a revolving door
- that blowouts can be a daily thing
- that I always have to do at least 3 loads of laundry a day
- that I would need to vacuum like daily to keep the mess under control
- that I apparently am not a fan of the toddler stage
- that I don't handle stress well at all
- that my chores would double like my kids hahaha
- that as much as I don't like the toddler stage,
I LOVE having a little helper and someone to talk to
- that my "Mama Bear" instinct would be so easily brought to the surface
- that I actually have a maternal instinct and it's 99% correct 
- that my patience would be tested to my utmost limits
- that my heart would burst every time Rory and Jade look at each other and just laugh
- that I would have such a fierce love for my girls
- that it would make my marriage to Andrew so much better
- that being a mother would both break and strengthen me
But I'm also glad I didn't know in advance.
I'm grateful for this experience and for being able to learn everything on my own,
and learning that I CAN do this,
that I CAN be a good mother/wife/housewife/friend,
and that I have the best little family in the entire world regardless
of screams/tantrums/puking/burps
because those are always accompanied by smiles, laughs, and loves. ;)


  1. What a perfect post. Amen to EVERYTHING! Motherhood is so bipolar.

  2. I fear for having more than my one right now! But I'm sure the Lord blessed mothers with the strength and energy they need. :)


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