03 December 2014


Oh my!
I swear time is just swiftly running past me!

Like, it's DECEMBER people!
When did that happen???

 Last week we enjoyed an awesome Thanksgiving
and hosted it here at our house,
and after we decided to skip a movie in a theatre, as per our norm,
my parents grabbed the 2 oldest grandkids 
and took them to the park for a little bit while I made waffles, bacon and sausage
for breakfast/snacking since we weren't eating til 3!
When they brought the kids home, both of them crashed HARD
and slept for a few hours while we got everything ready for dinner.
Rory just did NOT want to take a picture hahaha
Around 5 I got a text form a friend asking if we could still possibly watch her girls 
while they ran to WalMart to pick up one thing on sale.
Sure I said!
After some initial awkwardness,
we had a great time with sidewalk chalk on my porch and outside walls,
some brownies,
and some coloring they all went home happy and well-fed hahaha

Rory has become even more hilarious than I thought she could be
so far hahaha
"Mama mama I did it!!" -
as she realized that she a knot in one of her books.
"Mama I read her a story ok?" -
in the bath with Jade
"I'm not cute, I'm beautiful"
"I'm so funny Mama"
"Time for Granch?!" (Grinch)
"Can we watch Christmastime Mama??
(Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas)
"I don't wanna eat da cookies"
(when really she totally does, but it HAS to be her idea.....)

Jade is growing like a weed yet still super tiny.
She's teething,
yes you read that correctly, teething!
Poor girl.....but she's actually been pretty ok about it.
She's a total Mommy/Daddy's girl.
The complete opposite of her sister hahaha
Rory loved us at this age but loved being with other people,
I never felt worried that she'd freak out randomly if she couldn't see us.
Jade however, is very much a "background" baby.
She prefers to sit with mama or dad
and just observe rather than be the center of attention.
She's such a sweet girl and always has a smile 
and a coo for me when she wakes up,
just makes being a mom that much more worth it.

And since both girls are miraculously down for a nap together
I need to go roll some sugar cookies!
I love my adorable little girls and the joy they give me!

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  1. I understand the time flying! Whew! Your life with those two sweet girls sounds busy but hilariously fun.


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