04 December 2014

Thinking thoughts

2 posts in a row?!
What's happening here! 
I've had a lot on my mind recently.
I've been reflecting on the past 7 1/2 years since 
Andrew and I entered each other's lives as more than just friends.
I NEVER would have thought that I'd have waited for a missionary,
that I would work at Disneyland for the best 8 months,
that we'd get married,
or that we'd have 2 beautiful little girls that have blessed our lives.
I was perusing IG the other day and saw all these pretty pictures
of people putting their trees up and the clean,
neat and organized houses they were in.
Then I looked around my living room and saw the disaster that was there.
So I wrote this:
 "Since everyone is posting about their Christmas trees going up 
I'm doing a #realmommoment this is my living room. 
My tree has been up since the 10th cuz 
I just really needed some holiday spirit ya know? 
There are toys everywhere and gear for baby girl taking up a ton of space, 
yes that is a diaper on my ottoman 
cuz that has become our diaper changing station hahaha 
I love the saying "Don't excuse the mess, my children are busy making memories" a lot. 
But at the same time, a mess drives me bonkers! 
And as much as its a constant struggle to keep house and children clean and happy, 
I'm happy to be the one that gets to stay home 
and try to do those things. 
As I sit here thinking of the millions of things I need/could do, 
I'm relishing in the quiet of the house with proof that children live here. 
Here's to taking a moment to love where you're at in life 
and being extremely happy/grateful that you made it ;)"

And I meant every word.
Now I also know that we tend to crop pictures just so on social media
to NOT show our real life sometimes hahaha
I do it too no worries!!
And I actually ended up cleaning the living room
cuz I had Activity Days at my house later that day and needed to not have
things everywhere for the girls to destroy hahaha

I look at Rory and Jade and think how incredibly blessed I am
to be their Mama.
Rory is always wanting me to watch her do things,
help her get things down,
she wants to help me do anything,
love on her sister,
play with her sister,
and is just a little copycat to almost anything she sees
so we're watching that hahaha
 It's a constant
"Mama mama mama where you are?!
Mamamama what you doing?!
Mamamamamamamama where daddy??"
She's so funny sometimes.
All day she'll ask for Daddy and want him home
but then when he IS home,
she's snuggling with me and begging me to read her bedtime story
NOT Daddy hahaha #irony

Jade is just getting so stinking big I can't stand it!
She rolled for the first time on Tuesday,
off the ottoman onto the floor.......
Mommy fail!
But then she was all smiles when we clapped for her rolling hahaha
She loves her family and always has a smile for her Daddy and Mama
and a giggle/coo for big sister Rory ;)
She still loves to swing in the fisher price swing
and swaddled to sleep at night/naps.
She's a binki baby which I was not prepared for
but am totally fine with haha cuz if it keeps her calm,
I'll worry about breaking her habit way later!

So like I said earlier,
I couldn't be more grateful for where I am in life.
I have an amazing husband,
2 beautiful little girls that call me Mama,
I'm happy to be a housewife and stay at home mom,
and I can't wait to see where life continues to take us
and how the Lord will continue to bless us ;)

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  1. Oh man!! I so know what you mean about all the perfect photos of Christmas decor on IG. I was literally thinking the same thing the other day, feeling super lame and like a slob that my living room doesn't look like this or that. Ha! Win.


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