26 December 2014

Oh Christmas!

Oh Christmas.
This one was for the books people!
Two very full days of awesome
and two very happy little girls
and two very happy/exhausted parents hahaha
Christmas Eve we spent with the Mills
and had pizza then opened our gifts.
 I got a double waffle maker!
(guys, the waffle possibilities are now endless!)
 Andrew got a set of tools
(which may have been another gift for ME since now he can do all the projects
I've begged him to do for over a year now)
We gave mom and dad a world map and pins to document 
where they've been on all their travels,
and Haley got some headbands from us ;)
Rory and Jade were thoroughly spoiled in clothes, puzzles,
and grandma and grandpa time.
Oh and Auntie Haley time ;)
Rory has been eagerly awaiting Christmas this year.
She's finally grasped the whole
present thing AND the Nativity.
The other day she looked at the one we have on our end table
and said to me 
"Mama, I love baby Jesus.
And His mama Mary?"
I said "yes His mama's name is Mary.
Do you know His daddy's name?"
She looked at me,
put her finger to her temple....
I said "Yeah babes that's right. Joseph was His daddy on Earth."
She would go over to the Nativity every day 
and say hello to baby Jesus and then say "WOW mama!
He's so cute and little!"
She understood about Santa mostly.
I showed her the picture of Santa kneeling beside the Savior's manger
and she lit up!
"Mama mama it's Santa AND baby Jesus!
I love them and they friends!
And Jesus is MY friend"
I love her simple little sentences that are so profound.
I teared up and said
"That's right sweetheart, Jesus IS your friend.
He's always there when you need Him."
"We say prayer to talk to Him."
She ended with very emphatically folding her arms.
I am one very proud mama that something we're teaching is actually sticking,
and her nursery leaders are doing a fantastic job also!
Jade was a super good girl through everything.
She had to be woken up from her nap on Christmas Eve
cuz we wanted to spend all the time we could with the Mills,
but she took a nice little snooze while we were there.
And waited til AFTER Christmas Eve dinner with my family to have her freak out.
She was exhausted and is teething/sleep regressing a little
so we got up a few times Christmas Eve night with her
BUT yesterday she was amazing!
All smiles in the morning
and after we got to grandma and grandpa Bowler's house,
she laughed and snuggled with everyone while we got breakfast going.
And right before we started opening presents she fell asleep.
She then took a 3 1/2 hour nap! 
And woke up so happy it was awesome!
Yesterday was filled with presents and toys
and one happy little girl hahaha
Andrew got me the KitchenAid mixer I've been wanting for years!!
I currently have a 2.5 qt mixer that I love but it couldn't hold everything
when I made certain things.
So now I have a 6 qt professional grade mixer and I'm STOKED!
Her name is "Sin"namon the Spicy/Sultry ;)
 My parents ALSO gave me a waffle iron hahaha
A Minnie Mouse waffle iron though!
My amazing mom also made scrapbooks for us from our last Disneyland trip
with all of our pictures that both we and PhotoPass took!
I cried like a baby when I saw all the hard work she'd put into them
and saw the photos of our sweet girls
in my favorite place on earth.
I gave Andrew a weekend away!
I saw this great deal on Groupon for a hotel in Sedona
and I grabbed it! ;)
He got so excited when he saw that it would be a just the two of us trip
and that I said on his paper that we will be bringing LOTS of board games to play.
He LOVES games and I really don't BUT I love to make him happy
so games it is peeps!
Rory got a Doc McStuffins set from us for Christmas this year.
And since opening it around noon yesterday, 
has given over a hundred checkups to dolls,
Mama, Daddy, Jadey, grandparents, great grandparents, my parents cat,
the car seat, everything hahaha
I guess Mama scored again on the gift giving this year ;)
We then proceeded to the Wilson Christmas gathering
where we chatted and visited with cousins and aunts and uncles.
The girls received a couple little trinkets and socks ;)
Jade again was amazing and didn't freak til we were in the car!
Her Aunt Heidi made her a stocking like she has done for all of us
and it's the cutest thing in the entire world!
We have been truly blessed so much this year!
Adding a second kid to the mix,
Haley coming home from her mission,
Disneyland trips,
California trips,
etc etc
It was a great Christmas!
How was yours??

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