20 November 2014

The Haps!

  This month has literally FLOWN by!
I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!
And Jade will be 3 months old next week too!
Double WHA!?
Here's the latest from the Mills clan:
Jade was gven a beautiful blessing by her daddy on the 9th,
(kinda equivalent to a Christening, a very special prayer just for the baby)
and she was able to wear MY blessing dress
(Rory was way too big when we blessed her)
and I may have cried a lot little.
After everyone went home we enjoyed some quiet time with just the 4 of us
and loved every minute of it. 

These sisters have grown so attached to each other it's amazing.
Rory adores her sister,
I know I've said it before and I will probably say it again and again,
but she really does.
If Jade is fussy, Rory is right there talking to her
trying to calm her down and telling her how pretty she is
and how much she loves her,
with the occasional
"Youwa fine Jadey Loodawho" hahaha

Jade is such a smiley baby I just can't even handle her!
She loves when her sister puts her face real close and talks to her,
she'll giggle and talk right back
and they have lots of funny conversations.
They love to snuggle on Rory's "big" bed and big sister always gives Jade
a buddy to keep her warm hahaha

We decorated our tree on the 10th.
Yeah those of you that hate Christmas creeping up,
just letitgo!
To me, the tree helps separate this time of year (Thanksgiving included)
and makes it more special to me ;)
This year Rory got to actually help put ornaments on the tree and she loved it!
Unwrapping every ornament was like magic to her ;)
"Ahhhh, it's MEE"
(as we unwrapped an Aurora ornament)
We had a bloggy buddy playdate at our house with Kassi
(and Klara) from Truly Lovely!
They happened to move about 4 minutes from us so I was like
"Come over for waffles!!"
So they came over and our girls hit it off after a little warming up on Klara's end.
Rory's very intense hahahaha
But by the end, they were buddies and I'm looking forward to many
more playdates and possibly trips to see horses!

Things I'm looking forward to the rest of the month?
- Thanksgiving! 
We're hosting it this year and I'm excited about it!
- Black Friday shopping hahaha
I'm not one of those people that NEEDS to shop,
I just find it super fun to watch the crazy people hahaha
- Holiday Boutiques!
I have bought everything for Christmas presents, so far,
from small businesses/boutiques
and I'm hoping I can finish it!!
How's your November??

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