10 November 2014

Funny Things

As a mom,
there are many things I end up doing that may not be 
normal for other people.
And I thought it'd be fun to list a few awkward/funny things
that have happened since becoming a mother ;)
 - I have used burp rags as Kleenex.....
yes, yes I have.
Oh and not for the kids, for myself have I used these things in a pinch.
- I get yelled, screamed, and talked back at/to on a daily basis
by my bosses hahaha
and those are usually followed by snuggles,
talk about a complex for mommy!
- My biggest problem currently is where to put my Christmas tree where it won't
interfere with the baby swing!
- Often "breakfast" consists of anything I find in the house.
Usually Pop Tarts or cookies hahaha
- I find myself thinking "Did I throw out that diaper or is it still on he ottoman....?"
as I lay down for bed at night.
And I just shrug and hope for the best
-  When I shop online I am always drawn to the kid stuff.
I don't even notice anymore.
- I'm in bed and usually asleep by 9 at night.
And I'm up by 7-8:30 every morning......ugh.....
- Laundry is almost a daily chore.
How can 4 people possibly create so much?!
- My "me time" consists of a bathroom trip when Daddy's home
so I can close the door.
- I've gone 4 days without showering and didn't even notice.....
yeah trust me, it is totally shameful and I now make an effort
to put it on my list to do hahaha
- Laundry is my biggest pleasure. 
I LOVE having it all done and put away,
plus now that I use a homemade detergent,
it's SOOO cheap to do laundry all the time
and the crystals I choose for smell are da BOMB! 
- apple juice is something we can NEVER be out of!
Or there will be the biggest meltdown of all time
- I get so excited to go ANYWHERE alone hahaha
I know there's more and more funny ones but at the moment this is it!
 What are some funny things that happen around your house?


  1. I've been cracking up about this list all week. I use baby blankets to blow my nose on the regular. Gross? Yes. But they're so handy!


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