25 November 2014

Family Pictures

Those of you that follow me on IG
have already seen a few of these but I just love them so much!

The wonderful, amazing, sweet, awesome Siri of
Of Pumpkin Theives and Buffalo Wings
Freckled Lemonade Photography
did our family pictures this year!
I've been DYING for Siri to take pictures for me for years!
I finally got the guts to ask her to do them
and I've never been more happy that someone said yes hahaha

SO without further ado,
our pictures:

Yes I HAD to post all of them!
They are so amazing and she made us look so good!
Rory is such a little literal poser hahaha
She does love a camera pointed at her ;)
And Jade did fantastic!
I didn't even think to get a couple of the girls together but alas, next year haha
Siri, thank you for making my family look great
and for letting my daughter drag you around by the hand
and give you hugs ;)


  1. These pictures are so precious! Your girls are beyond adorable!

  2. Okay, the picture of you kissing sweet baby Jade?!?!?! And the one with Andrew getting a smooch by Rory!?!?! These are excellent, and so stinking cute!!

  3. Cute! Rory is quite the little model :)


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