25 November 2014

Family Pictures

Those of you that follow me on IG
have already seen a few of these but I just love them so much!

The wonderful, amazing, sweet, awesome Siri of
Of Pumpkin Theives and Buffalo Wings
Freckled Lemonade Photography
did our family pictures this year!
I've been DYING for Siri to take pictures for me for years!
I finally got the guts to ask her to do them
and I've never been more happy that someone said yes hahaha

SO without further ado,
our pictures:

Yes I HAD to post all of them!
They are so amazing and she made us look so good!
Rory is such a little literal poser hahaha
She does love a camera pointed at her ;)
And Jade did fantastic!
I didn't even think to get a couple of the girls together but alas, next year haha
Siri, thank you for making my family look great
and for letting my daughter drag you around by the hand
and give you hugs ;)

20 November 2014

The Haps!

  This month has literally FLOWN by!
I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!
And Jade will be 3 months old next week too!
Double WHA!?
Here's the latest from the Mills clan:
Jade was gven a beautiful blessing by her daddy on the 9th,
(kinda equivalent to a Christening, a very special prayer just for the baby)
and she was able to wear MY blessing dress
(Rory was way too big when we blessed her)
and I may have cried a lot little.
After everyone went home we enjoyed some quiet time with just the 4 of us
and loved every minute of it. 

These sisters have grown so attached to each other it's amazing.
Rory adores her sister,
I know I've said it before and I will probably say it again and again,
but she really does.
If Jade is fussy, Rory is right there talking to her
trying to calm her down and telling her how pretty she is
and how much she loves her,
with the occasional
"Youwa fine Jadey Loodawho" hahaha

Jade is such a smiley baby I just can't even handle her!
She loves when her sister puts her face real close and talks to her,
she'll giggle and talk right back
and they have lots of funny conversations.
They love to snuggle on Rory's "big" bed and big sister always gives Jade
a buddy to keep her warm hahaha

We decorated our tree on the 10th.
Yeah those of you that hate Christmas creeping up,
just letitgo!
To me, the tree helps separate this time of year (Thanksgiving included)
and makes it more special to me ;)
This year Rory got to actually help put ornaments on the tree and she loved it!
Unwrapping every ornament was like magic to her ;)
"Ahhhh, it's MEE"
(as we unwrapped an Aurora ornament)
We had a bloggy buddy playdate at our house with Kassi
(and Klara) from Truly Lovely!
They happened to move about 4 minutes from us so I was like
"Come over for waffles!!"
So they came over and our girls hit it off after a little warming up on Klara's end.
Rory's very intense hahahaha
But by the end, they were buddies and I'm looking forward to many
more playdates and possibly trips to see horses!

Things I'm looking forward to the rest of the month?
- Thanksgiving! 
We're hosting it this year and I'm excited about it!
- Black Friday shopping hahaha
I'm not one of those people that NEEDS to shop,
I just find it super fun to watch the crazy people hahaha
- Holiday Boutiques!
I have bought everything for Christmas presents, so far,
from small businesses/boutiques
and I'm hoping I can finish it!!
How's your November??

12 November 2014

Disneyland 2014 trip!!

So remember how we went to Disneyland like 3 weeks ago??

And I never mentioned it again?
Hahaha consider it mentioned and documented now!

There are a TON of pictures,
so prepare yourselves but they are all worth it I promise!
Rory met: Ariel (twice!), Cinderella (twice!), Snow White, 
Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, Mickey, 
Minnie (both Halloween Minnie and normal), Goofy,
Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Elsa, Anna, Pluto, 
Doc McStuffins, and Sofia the First!

Funny anecdote: the Rapunzel we met was the SAME Rapunzel we 
met last time we went and she and Flynn tried to steal Rory!
Remember that picture??
Yeah it was adorable,
no she didn't remember us and we couldn't really explain to her who we were
or our connection to her cuz she can't break out of character (duh!)
but it was super cool nonetheless!

And Jade really only met Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Cinderella
when we ate at Ariel's Grotto,
which by the way is TOTALLY worth the money and I honestly
would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do it again!

Jade came alive at Disneyland!
Her facial expressions were fabulous
and she started talking and giggling!
Rory was a crankface until she met people or went on a carousel hahaha
She LOVED the carousels and I'm pretty sure she went on them
cumulatively 20 times at least!
If I could get her to sit in the stroller,
she'd fall asleep finally and not be AS cranky but ya know, little sleep and LOTS
of interaction is hard for little people ;)

10 November 2014

Funny Things

As a mom,
there are many things I end up doing that may not be 
normal for other people.
And I thought it'd be fun to list a few awkward/funny things
that have happened since becoming a mother ;)
 - I have used burp rags as Kleenex.....
yes, yes I have.
Oh and not for the kids, for myself have I used these things in a pinch.
- I get yelled, screamed, and talked back at/to on a daily basis
by my bosses hahaha
and those are usually followed by snuggles,
talk about a complex for mommy!
- My biggest problem currently is where to put my Christmas tree where it won't
interfere with the baby swing!
- Often "breakfast" consists of anything I find in the house.
Usually Pop Tarts or cookies hahaha
- I find myself thinking "Did I throw out that diaper or is it still on he ottoman....?"
as I lay down for bed at night.
And I just shrug and hope for the best
-  When I shop online I am always drawn to the kid stuff.
I don't even notice anymore.
- I'm in bed and usually asleep by 9 at night.
And I'm up by 7-8:30 every morning......ugh.....
- Laundry is almost a daily chore.
How can 4 people possibly create so much?!
- My "me time" consists of a bathroom trip when Daddy's home
so I can close the door.
- I've gone 4 days without showering and didn't even notice.....
yeah trust me, it is totally shameful and I now make an effort
to put it on my list to do hahaha
- Laundry is my biggest pleasure. 
I LOVE having it all done and put away,
plus now that I use a homemade detergent,
it's SOOO cheap to do laundry all the time
and the crystals I choose for smell are da BOMB! 
- apple juice is something we can NEVER be out of!
Or there will be the biggest meltdown of all time
- I get so excited to go ANYWHERE alone hahaha
I know there's more and more funny ones but at the moment this is it!
 What are some funny things that happen around your house?

05 November 2014


  It's been a kinda crazy week around here!
Between a couple birthday celebrations
and two kids that keep me on my toes,
days quickly go by.
And because the days are flying by,
I'm really trying to enjoy the girls in their moments of cute and clarity
and trying to be a better mom about listening to everything Rory says,
how Jade coos and giggles,
how Rory wants to constantly be with me,
how Jade loves to be held and chatted with.
I do have many moments of impatience
(I mean COME ON, real talk here)
but I really try to give them the best of me when they're awake
and only do "my thing" during naps and when they go to bed.
Although housework really does need to be done even when they're awake,
but luckily I've got a really cute little helper that loves to be useful ;)
That being said, I do struggle.
Sometimes it's hard to listen to the same story oer and over,
and hear Rory constantly say "Mom look at this! Look over here!
I'm hungry, I want this I want that" all day long haha
I try to remember that she's only 2 so I mean, DUH!
She's definitely going to be like this,
but it's like she all of a sudden decided to never stop talking hahaha
which is cute most of the time,
Mama just needs a Dr Pepper to keep up with her sometimes.
But then Rory does something like this that just cracks me up
"You help me??"
I sent this to Andrew and he died!
The things she comes up with,
now YES I did say for her to do it,
but usually she doesn't try to actually take it off!
She just does the whole pretend thing or grabs her shirt and pulls it over her head
but of course on camera it sounds like I'm encouraging decapitation haha

Jade is just blooming under our very noses!
Time needs to slow down!
She had her first round of shots last Thursday and was a rockstar!
She fussed a little during the actual ordeal but she held my hand
very tightly in her little fingers
and I just kept telling her it was ok, and almost over.
She just kinda whimpered at me but was happy to snuggle afterwards 
and slept for 4 hours!
She's still kinda coming down off all of them but she's also just a trooper.
She's slightly underweight (40%) but her dr isn't worried cuz she's obviously fed
and still gaining just not like packing it on so we have a slightly petite girl,
at least for the moment ;)
Her being so small DOES have a slight advantage for me:
She's small enough to wear MY blessing dress for her blessing on Sunday!
I have been hoping one of my girls could wear it for their blessing
and Rory was too old/big for it when we blessed her
so I was ecstatic when it still fit Jadey!
(Pictures will come after her blessing Sunday) 

These sisters just kill me with their cuteness and obvious love for each other.
Jade loves seeing her sister and endures MANY kisses
and loves from Rory.
Rory ADORES her little sister.
If I bring her in to see her in the morning, it's like Christmas to her haha
I can't wait til they can share a room cuz I have a feeling there will be many
sister talks at night and I hope they always stay close.
I never had a sister so I'm slightly jealous of their bond already hahaha
but I get to be their mama forever so they're stuck with me no matter what ;)