06 October 2014

Little Victories

Remember how like forever ago I did a "Little Victories" post?
And how I said I'd make that a frequent thing?
Yeah....I fail hahaha
BUT today I have a few to share!
1. Both girls are on the same nap schedule so far,
even if half the time Rory decides to boycott it
2. Today I was able to shower in the morning,
plus learn how to make waffles from scratch,
plus do most of my chores!
3. Allie helped me dye my hair back to one color
so it's way less to maintain now
4. Andrew and I had another date night
and the girls got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Bowler
(this was the best picture he would take with me....)
5. I was able to sit down and make some things for the shop
that I'd been meaning to for weeks!
Including the temple bracelet!
6. We had a successful Activity Days craft!
And you all know how "great" I am at crafts hahaha
but this one was so easy and the girls loved them!
Mason jars, gauze, hot glue, and googly eyes! 
What are your victories you're celebrating today??


  1. Love it!! I'm celebrating 3 whole days with an accident-free puppy! VICTORY!!


  2. Those are all great little victories! I kind of like the temple bracelet idea. It took me a minute to figure it out! Haha


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