31 October 2014

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Leanne!

Sorry for the delay in giveaway for today!
I spaced it and thought I'd done it already!

Today Leanne from Being Jane is hosting our giveaway!
She's busy planning a double birthday party so I get to do the intro!
Here's Leanne and her beautiful family!

 Her husband Daniel and daughters Emma and Audrey ;)
She is the sweetest mama and she's just starting up a blog design business!
So for you lovely readers,
Leanne is giving away a custom designed blog header
(for Blogger backed blogs only)

Enter the rafflecopter below!
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30 October 2014

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Bianca!!

Today's another great giveaway from Bianca!
She's super cute and an awesome person to associate with!
I know you will all love her! ;)
Take it away!
Hello readers! I am so excited for this Birthday Week of Giveaways that 
I'm apart of, for the oh so lovely Ali. Thanks for hosting Ali!

My name is Bianca from Little Mommy Nest. And I'm a lifestyle blogger, loyal wife, 
and loving mommy to my precious baby girl. I love inspiring and love to be 
inspired everyday. You can find me over at Little Mommy Nest Blog 
with DIY crafts, healthy recipes (sometimes haha), and all around 
life adventures with my little family. Wanna socialize through 'social' media?
I love meeting new people. 

Now, lets get to 'party' with this giveaway and what inspired me.
I'm in the process of planning my baby girls first birthday. Bittersweet, 
my baby is turning 1! So, like the crafty mommy that I am,
I decided to make her a few tassel garlands for decorations!  
So quick, easy and SUPER cute.

And I'm here to give one fellow reader the chance to win one handmade 
tassel garland like pictured above. Made from yours truly of course ;) 
With your choice of 3 different colors!
No need to make it, and no need to get supplies! How awesome is that?

**Are you interested in winning your own Tassel Garland?**
 Fill out the rafflecopter below! 

*Didn't win the Giveaway? Don't you worry!
I also have a post about them on the blog: DIY Tassel Garland
Or email me: lilmommynest@yahoo.com 
and we can discuss custom tassel garlands. 
Now, you can't go wrong with a tassel garland for a birthday 
week of giveaways right!??
Good Luck!! 
The original DIY can be found on LITTLE MOMMY NEST BLOG
You can also follow Bianca on  FACEBOOKTWITTERPINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM 
See you there! -Bianca
I'm super jealous that one of you gets this!!
I would use it for everything hahaha
Enter in the rafflecopter ;)
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29 October 2014

Birthday Week of Giveaways: MEE!!!

Good morn loves!
Today is the day!
The big 2-6!
I can't believe that now I'm closer to 30 than 20! 
So weird, but still super awesome!
And since I love you all so much,
here's MY giveaway!
First, as you all know I love giving away movies ;)
Disney ones for sure cuz I'm a freak hahaha
So this year one person will win BOTH:
Sleeping Beauty

Treasure Planet!
Sleeping Beauty cuz DUH it's my fave,
and Treasure Planet cuz it's honestly one of my other favorites
and to me it's an unappreciated classic ;)
I'll be giving away a custom bracelet
from my shop!
I have so much fun doing these and 
I love hearing how happy they make my customers!
(and don't worry, you'll pick the colors you want!)
a $20 gift card to Target to help you get ready for holiday shopping!
(Guys there's 9 Fridays til Christmas?!?!)
Enter using the rafflecopter!
Other giveaways here and here
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28 October 2014

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Courtney!!

I have another great giveaway for you guys today!
Today's brought to you from Courtney!
She has participated in my birthday giveaway weeks since the beginning ;)
She's a very talented artist and I'm lucky enough to have 3 of her creations in my house!
Hello Lovely Ali's Readers!

I'm back for the third year to help out with Ali's birthday giveaway week extravaganza!

You may have visited my blog Musings of a Marvelous Me but because of changes in my life, 
I'm now over at Lee Family Adventures

I will now be a family/mommy blogger! 
I've quit teaching, and I'm focusing on my own little family and my art.

We had our first little girl E this August, and I am in love with her!

Our happy girl!

I love creating art, and this past Christmas I received a tablet 
so that I can digitally create pictures on my computer. 
I LOVE IT! There are so many things to do with it, 
and so many things to create! 
I've done recreations of pictures and come up with my own images. 
I've also done several family portraits.

Picture recreation
Image of my own creation

My own little family

It is my pleasure this year to offer for Ali's giveaway 2 custom digital family portraits! 
You will receive the digital file emailed to you, and if you choose, 
an 8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock copy mailed to you.

I will contact the winners by email to get the picture you want recreated or 
pictures you want referenced, along with any other information to make your picture unique. (Favorite colors of the individuals, border preference, names or no names, etc.)

If you would like to purchase an art piece for yourself, 
please check out my stores at Society6 (where you can purchase my art on objects) 
or my Storenvy store!

You can also check out my Instagram account at mycasl_art and Facebook page!

Happy Birthday Ali!

Oh my gracious she's so generous and talented!
You see the one with the Sleeping Beauties??
Yeah that's MY family! ;)
And don't forget to enter the other giveaway!
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27 October 2014

Birthday Week of Giveaways: Kim!!

Hello my lovely people!
So here it begins!
The birthday week of giveaways!!
I have teamed up with some AMAZING ladies that are so talented
and they have been so generous!
First up is Kim from Life is a Lullaby!
She does the cutest invitation designs
and has a super cute blog as well!
Take it away Kim!
How to create your own birthday invitation  

Hi there! I'm Kim from Life is a Lullaby Blog and I'm here to give you a quick tutorial on how to create your OWN birthday invitation using free GIMP software.

IMG_7451 - updated  

About Me: I'm a new mom, wife, marketer and blogger at Life is a Lullaby. Life is a Lullaby is a blog all about babies and provides inspiration for the every day of being a mom. I hope to inspire your everyday dreams with funny posts, crafts and recipes. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Hope to see you there!  
Now to the tutorial: 1. First, you must download GIMP software if you don't have Photoshop. GIMP is basically the free version of Photoshop. Go to gimp.org and download. 2. Next, you'll want to find a set of images that you can use to create your invitation. You'll need clipart files that are ".png" if you don't want to have a white background. Png files basically let you paste over other graphics or coloured backgrounds without a white background. You can find a lot of free clipart files for personal use online. Etsy is also a great resource for great images. I found this cute animal birthday party collection for $6 from Pink Pueblo. I like that I can re-use these images for crafts or to print additional stationary like cupcake toppers, thank you cards, etc. for the party.

Birthday Party Animals

3. Open Gimp. Go to FILE> NEW. Then select the image size by changing it to inches. I've selected a 5X7 size.

 Select image size
4. Choose select all and then choose the Paint bucket tool Paint Bucket. Select the background colour you would like. I've chosen HTML notation 52656d.

5. Select the Rectangle selector tool Square Selector and then create a square inside so that the outside of the square will serve as your border. Once happy re-select the paint bucket tool and colour you want inside the invitation. I've chosen b8d6ea. 6. Now paste in your graphics from your clipart package or package you found online. I like to paste in as a new layer so that if I want to delete one graphic or make an edit to one only it makes it easier. Open the clipart file in GIMP first. Then resize it to your liking by going to IMAGE > Scale Image. Once you are happy with the size, >Select ALL and then hit copy > and then go to your invite screen and EDIT> paste as > new layer.

Resize Image
7. Once all your images are in, you can finish it off with text! I chose two fonts "Pacifico" and "Chunk Five". Both are available for free online here. I used the same colour as my border for the main text, and I pulled out the blue in the elephant for the feature text. This colour is 27aae1. You can use the Color Picker Tool Color Picker Tool to pick out colours in your clipart in order to get it to match. Here's the final invitation!

 First Birthday Invitation

Would you like to win your own personalized invitation printable? Fill out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win the above invitation personalized to your needs! Don't have a party right away? No worries. I'll create it for when you need it within the next 6 months.
Good Luck!
This piece originally appeared on the blog Life is a Lullaby. Follow Kim and her blog, Life is a Lullaby on Facebook and Twitter.
Oh my gosh isn't she awesome!?
Enter the Rafflecopter below to win!
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26 October 2014

Me here!

Hello friends!!

We are back from our family trip to Disneyland 
and I'm getting together an awesome post full of pictures
and fun!

Tomorrow starts my birthday week of giveaways!
So tune in tomorrow for an awesome

And here's a sneak peek from Disneyland:
 In the spot where Andrew proposed ;)

Jade came alive there ;)
Her fairy was born with a full on belly giggle,
NOT gas related!

And our little princess ;)
I'm so excited to share more!

14 October 2014


Hello lovelies!
Have you entered the giveaway yet?? 
I'm so lucky to be a part of it and if you win,
you get a flower necklace in your choice of color from me!!
Plus like a billion other things!
around here life has been pretty calm.
We're finally into a routine,
which is hilarious since next week we're going to Disneyland
so there goes my precious routine hahaha
but I digress!
We've got our routine down and the girls are in bed
by like 8:30-9 every night!!
Andrew and I never know what to do with ourselves haha
After 2 years of MAYBE getting to bed around 10-11 at night,
this is totally new territory for us.
Sometimes we'll just talk for awhile,
or we'll watch some TV (Food Network is one of our fave channels),
or we'll read our books in bed!
I mean, is this real life???
I've seen it in movies but I never thought we'd finally get to the 
"parents spend time together at night at a decent hour"
point in our marriage!
Honestly Jade has been a huge help in that aspect.
Once she's in bed, it was easier to persuade Rory to go to bed.
AND it was easier to FINALLY not have to be in the room
while she falls asleep!
Glory Hallelujah!
Jade only gets up once a night, sometimes twice
which I know is super lucky for an almost 2 month old.
(oh my gosh 2 MONTHS?!)
So we are well-ish rested parents and are able to function!
I mean , come ON!
She's such a cute Chatty Cathy in the morning sometimes.
I've been tapping into my "domestic goddess" side
and trying new things!
Like I made waffles last week,
AND cooked dinner that same night!
 On Saturday I went to the store and grabbed some bacon, sausage,
and potatoes and Andrew and I made a HUGE breakfast for us and Rory.
Guys, it was delicious!
 Now I've been trying to lose weight so clearly that was my cheat meal.
I've lost and kept off 18 lbs since Jade was born!!
AND I've been losing about 2 lbs a week so I'm hoping to be feeling and looking
more like the version of myself I see in my head.
We also finally went and got new shoes for all of us on Saturday.
Even Rory got some brand new walking shoes
for our Disneyland trip
(plus she has her adorable sparkly TOMS)
I got the Skechers memory foam shoes on clearance!
You will never lose me in these bright shoes hahaha
But they're on trend??
I mean, they ARE mint colored!
Andrew ended up getting 2 pairs, one for everyday and one for basketball
(he plays at the church every week and the shoes he was wearing 
would cause slips and falls hahaha)
I also went to As You Wish,
(I know again?!)
and made this awesome plate for Christmas
Now before you think I have like hidden drawing talents,
I traced Mr Grinch on there!!
And thank the heavens Allie was with me cuz my handwriting is awful
so she wrote all the words for me ;)
Rory has really blossomed recently.
She's not my baby really anymore.
She's VERY independent,
very outspoken,
very loving (especially on her sister),
and very stubborn.
Hahahaha sometimes I wonder how so much could fit in such a tiny girl!

She's definitely turning into a fashionista.
But not usually an overly annoying one.
She just likes to pick her outfits for the day which I love,
and she doesn't ask to change all the time so I'm grateful for that.
My great aunt brought me a couple costumes for Rory to use
for a little while for playing and that was her bumble bee outfit!
She'll go around saying "Buzz buzz"
And then Mommy made her another necklace "with a diamond!"
and she loves it!
Jade is just growing and growing so dang fast!
She's talking now,
smiling all the time,
showing her personality more and more.
She's still super mellow but definitely has a spark in her and if you light it,
there's a wildfire hahaha

She's such a blessing to us!
I was so scared I wouldn't have as much love for her as I did for Rory,
or somehow slight either or both of them
but honestly they are the sweetest girls
and it's easy to love both of them and give them the attention they deserve ;)
I cannot wait to continue watching them grow!

13 October 2014

Playtime For Mommy and Mini Giveaway!

Happy Monday Everyone!
Today I am thrilled to be collaborating with some incredible shops
to bring you the
Playtime for Mommy & Mini Giveaway!

This giveaway is all about play and inspiration
for mommies and their minis.

Take a look at what you could win:

One winner will win over $500 in prizes for them and their little!
Second prize winner a surprise prize from A Pretty Life Shop.

Check out the list below to see all of the wonderful shops who are participating
and pay them a visit to see what neat treasures you will find!


 FRESHLY PICKED                       TNEE'S TPEES

MONROE & HARLOW                          BABY JIVES

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OH LOVELY DAY DESIGN                         BANNOR TOYS   

        JUNK ART GYPSYZ                 WHIMSY BLUE AVENUE

                                                        FRECKLED LEMONADE PHOTOGRAPHY

Each day of the giveaway, Siri,
 from Of Pumpkin Thieves and Buffalo Wings,
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so you will get to see their products
and all of the prizes
in action!

When you comment on her daily posts,
you will receive one extra entry per day!

Enter with the rafflecopter below!
Good luck everyone!!!

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