30 September 2014

Aquarium Fun!

I absolutely love Saturdays.
Andrew's off from work and then the possibilities are endless!

We have the Pogo Pass and tomorrow they're taking away one of the venues:
The SeaLife Aquarium
so therefore we HAD to go see it for free ;)
It was so much fun!!
So I grabbed my good camera and prepared to take so many pictures,
then we get there and there was no flash photography
and I could NOT figure out how to not make the flash pop up....
so I used my phone for a few pictures
but it was super dark so I only took a couple but still it was awesome!

Rory's face when we went inside was priceless!
The look of wonder in her eyes
and the excitement just made it totally worth the 45 minute drive.
After the aquarium we were at the mall
with a carousel and a Disney Store!
Guys, my daughter LOVES a carousel.
So I went on it with her and then we hit the Disney Store

Sorry for the video if any of you get dizzy...
I couldn't get a better angle and really wanted to document it ;)
I didn't do the best job her first time on the carousel,
and even this time I missed the gigglefest by 2 seconds!
Dang pockets hahaha

Like I said, I love Saturdays and spending time with my sweet little family ;)
Andrew and I couldn't have asked for better girls
and we adore every memory we can make with them!

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I have 2 of the 5 slots filled but I'd like to get them all!
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  1. I love aquariums! I keep contemplating whether or not to go check this one out. I might just have to now.

  2. That shot of you and Rory looking up is darling. You've both got that look of awe and wonder and it's perfect.


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