23 September 2014


Life has been slightly hectic around here
I mean,
we added a new body to the mix here
and while she's still relatively immobile,
she still adds some extra oomph to everything we need/want to do hahaha
We love our Jade.
All of us do.
Rory hasn't had any jealousy issues as of yet,
if anything she's a little TOO helpful 
and loving on baby sister ;)
(We attempted potty training for a few days,
but Rory wasn't as ready as I thought,
so we're gonna try again after Disneyland hahaha)

But I will say that dealing with two little people all day everyday
wears on me a bit.
I feel like I can't give enough attention to each girl
when they want it,
attention to my husband when he comes home,
AND attention to all the other things I want/need to do.
And sometimes I find myself talking to other adults in a voice I save
for Jade.........oh baby voice!
If I have done this to you, I apologize publicly here!
So adult interaction without children has been a necessity for me.
Andrew and I went on a date for the first time
(sans kids) last week and it was heavenly!
We went to dinner and just talked!
I didn't remember what it felt like to talk without
having to pause and say
"Don't throw that!"
"Leave your sister alone while she sleeps!"
I absolutely LOVED reconnecting with Andrew after our second baby.
It was just what we needed.
But did I take a picture?
Of course not hahaha #mombrain
We sent out the cutest birth announcements 
for Jade to my family that hasn't met her ;)
I just love TinyPrints!
I mean seriously,
I couldn't get over how cute they turned out!

This happens every time Rory tries to boycott naps.
It's like she forgets she's tired!

I tried to use my fancy DSLR camera
and for some reason the flash ALWAYS goes off....
like it won't NOT go off hahaha
but aren't those baby toes just adorable?!
(Also, I need to learn how to use my PhotoShop....) 

This is the blessing dress I wore when I was blessed.
Unfortunately, she'll probably be too big to wear it when we actually get to bless her
so I put her in it to at least take a couple pictures of her in it.
(It had been lost for years so it was exciting when my mom found it!)
Again baby toes!!
And that was a separate outfit guys hahaha
This is how my living room pretty much always looks when
Rory is awake.
Just covered in stuff and her face all smug ;)
She's cute and she knows it.....we're in trouble soon here haha
Yes I know it's blurry,
but this was while it was swinging.
And NO it's not normally like this but baby had puked all over the cover
and it was in the wash but she refused to be rocked
by ME so I improvised and sat right by it the entire time and kept readjusting her.
No one panic hahaha
So there's life currently in the Mills house hahaha
today Jade is 4 weeks old, and on Friday she's a whole month!
I can't believe how fast this has gone by!!
Andrew texted me last week saying
"Baby girl is already a month old! :("
forgetting of course that RORY was born on the 19th,
and that JADE was born on the 26th so he still had a week before he needed to mourn haha
He loves our little girls and they adore him.
Often, Daddy is the one that comforts them and gets them to sleep.
And though he may not say it, he LOVES being the "fixer" ;)
And we love him so much and are grateful for him.

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  1. Life is an adjustment with the second. Looks like you're doing great! And your girls are darling.


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