24 August 2014


Hey all!
Nope, still no baby Jade hahaha

I've been impatiently patiently waiting by walking,
then quickly needing to rest cuz my blood pressure will spike or the round ligament pain hits,
then get up and walk again hahaha

Tuesday is the end of the tunnel guys!!
SOOO happy!
5 AM I'll be walking into the hospital ready to GET. THIS. DONE.
I'm so excited to see my little lady
and for Rory to meet her baby sister ;)
Every night we pray for baby Jade to come soon
and then she kisses my tummy and says
"Come out and play baby sister!"
It's so sweet already.
I can't wait for all of this to happen so I can enjoy some quality time with my little family
and I'm soooo grateful for Andrew.
He puts up with my crazy.
And boy do I mean crazy.........these hormones are outta whack
and I cry super easily but I also laugh at myself so it helps.
I have some great ladies guest posting for me for the next couple days
and I'm super excited to hopefully be introducing our sweet
Jade Sara the next time you hear from me ;)

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  1. Yay Ali! I have been thinking about you! I'm so excited for baby Jade to come!


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