26 August 2014

Waiting for Baby Number 2: Eryka

Today's induction day!!
Wish us luck that she'll be here ASAP!!
Today the sweet and wonderful Eryka is posting for me!
She's already a mom of two!
Henry and Cambell are the cutest little humans and they are so sweet!
Take it away!
Hey guys! I'm Eryka! A wife, mom of twins, diet coke addict {even though its bad for me}, gossip girl fanatic, and lover of the season Fall! I do have a blog but it is private ABCDE plus two! Ali is off having her 2nd baby girl and I am thrilled for her. So excuse her and now you have to listen to boring old me. 

Ali told me I could write about anything I felt like. I have been thinking about it and I want to talk about my journey so far as a mom of twins. A lot of people, myself included had no idea what it would take to care for 2 babies at once. Having no children before my boy/girl twins Henry and Campbell I had ZERO idea what I was in for. 

Henry and Campbell are almost 7 1/2 months old and these 7 1/2 months have been a world wind. I often tell people my husband and I honestly have no idea how we survived the first few months. Feedings every 3 hours, about a million diaper changes, sleep deprivation at its finest, and head over heels love for 2 tiny humans. They turned our world upside down in a good way. 

Let me back up and tell about my pregnancy. We found out were expecting twins on July 3rd 2013. It was complete shock! We had no idea I could even have twins. haha. After weeks of coming to terms with it, I was sicker than sick. I lost about 20 ish pounds from being so sick. I had a fairly easy pregnancy til October 30th, 2013. I had pre term labor and after being air lifted to a bigger hospital I was put on medication and on strict bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. 10 weeks to be exact! I was 25 weeks 1 day when I was put on bed rest and delivered the twins at 35 weeks 1 day! Bed rest sucked, I laid around all day long and couldn't do anything more than shower and make some small snacks and such. I watched my way through Netflix. I think this made my transition into motherhood so hard for me.....

I went from doing NOTHING to go go go ALL DAY when they were born. I was worn out but, I survived! I ended up with postpartum depression which I am still dealing with today. Come to find out a lot of twin moms end up with it. Something I have decided is that its ok I need medication to help me get a handle on things. It isnt forever. Luckily for me I have a supportive husband and family! 

Henry was the bigger twin at 4lbs 15oz and was able to come home with us right away. Campbell was tiny 4lbs 7oz and had to stay for 2 weeks to gained some weight. She fell asleep during her feedings. Those 2 weeks were so hard for us. I honestly dont know how we made it through! Anyways, now to life right now. 

Being a mom of twins has taught me so much already like; I can do hard things, strangers ask dumb questions, and we are a sight to be seen everywhere we go. My husband and I are fairly shy people and this is something we are slowly growing to appreciate. haha! We et asked everything. Here are some examples....{included my smart alike remarks, that i never really say outloud haha!}

"Are they twins?" 
No I just have two babies in the same car seat!, No I found them!, Um what there two?

"A boy and a girl?"
Yep, see how ones in blue and one is in pink? No, I like to dress my girl different. haha.

"Are they identical?"
Um, for real people. A boy and a girl. CANNOT BE IDENTICAL. DUH! 

"Are they siblings?" 

Henry and Campbell are 7 1/2 months and learning new things every day. Campbell recently started sitting up and Henry is rolling all over. Some days I feel like super mom and some days I can barely survive. Being a mother is something I have always wanted, now that I am mom to 2 precious babies I feel like this is my calling. Yes it is SO hard and SO draining sometimes. I still love it. I love seeing their faces in the morning, I love when they snuggle me, I love watching them learn new things, and I love that I get to be their mom forever. 

I love my job as a mother. I cannot wait for the day they can say "Mama". I cannot wait for them to say those words "I love you, Mom". Being a mom is the greatest. Even among the endless diapers, puke stained clothes, greasy hair, sweats, and forgetting to shower! :)

Thank you for having me Ali and I am so excited for you to be a mama of 2! Good luck!! 


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Isn't she adorable?!
I just love her and her twins!!

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