25 August 2014

Waiting for Baby Number 2: Allie

Still awaitin this crazy girl's arrival,
but for a special treat you get more guest posters!!
Today is my good friend Allie from The Best is Yet to Come!
She just had her first baby in June,
sweet baby Isabel and I sincerely adore her!
I get to play with her every Sunday at church and occasionally get to babysit
(since she lives literally around the corner)!
Take it away!

Hi friends! 
My name is Allie (try not to get confused) and I blog over at The Best Is Yet To Come
I am mom to sweet baby Izzy and wife to my wonderful, hard working husband Alex. 
We live in Queen Creek AZ and are in the same ward with Ali and Andrew. 
I love to spend time with friends and family, playing board games and watching movies.  
You can usually find me pinning things on pinterest, taking pictures for instagram and going on dates with my hot husband. 
I'm pretty easy to please and you can always win me over with a Diet DP with cocnut from Sonic #obsessed.

 I'm so excited to be guest posting today for Miss Ali! 
While she is taking a break and enjoying her sweet little baby, 
I wanted to come on over and give you a little look into what I absolutely couldn't live without as a mommy.

 My Top 10 Mommy Must Haves

1. Baby Night Gowns - From our first night home, Izzy hated being swaddled. She just wouldn't have it. She wanted to be able to kick. move her arms and be free. That is why I LOVED being able to put her in these adorable little night gowns with the elastic at the bottom. It's basically a little sac that keeps all their limbs contained and makes sure that they are warm enough, but they have free range of motion. Not to mention that they make middle of the night diaper changes a breeze. No zippers or snaps to fuss with. When Izzy wears these nightgowns, I can change her diaper without her even waking up.

2. Aiden & Anais Blankets - I cannot say enough good things about these blankets. They are large and made from a great fabric, super cute prints, and are perfect for mom and baby. I use them to shade Iz in her car seat, to keep her warm in a cold restaurant. I use them as a cover while nursing, I use them to wipe noses and catch some spit up. I'm telling you they are so versatile. Plus, if your baby enjoys being swaddled, but you live somewhere hat doesn't get super cold, these are a great option since they are so light weight.

3. Udder Cover - I know I said that I sometimes use the A&A blankets to cover up while nursing, but honestly that's only if I don't have my Udder Cover with me. This genius thing is a nursing moms best friend. It is basically just a little apron. You just throw it over your head and it covers you completely in the front. But the best part is the plastic piece at the top. It makes it so the cover stays open at the top and so that you can look down and see your babe while they are eating. It helps me be covered, and then get situated while still being able to see what I'm doing. Before I discovered the Udder Cover, I would fumble with blankets, and I was always so worried about Izzy flailing her arms and pulling it off me and flashing the world. So now, I can just quickly throw on this cover, get out the goods and get to feeding my baby, no stress.

4. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter - If you choose to breastfeed I highly suggest getting this nipple butter. It's all natural and organic, and has no lanolin in it, so you don't have to wipe it off before baby eats. It's completely safe, and feels so so good on those cracked and bleeding nipples that you can get in the beginning of breastfeeding. And honestly, this is a good product even for moms who choose to not breastfeed. It's so moisturizing, and can be used on lips, cracked heels or elbows, on baby acne or pretty much any part of your body that needs a little extra TLC.

5. Cute, Mommy Friendly Diaper Bag - My sweet mom bought me the Vera Bradley Messenger Baby Bag. It's honestly amazing. You can wear it cross body/ over your shoulder and has hidden magnetic flaps that open quickly to reveal two easy-access slip pockets. It's super roomy, and has a wipe down interior. It comes with a matching changing pad and obviously comes in the many adorable Vera Bradley prints. I always feel cute and stylish, and since I don't carry a purse around with me anymore, I love that this is really pretty and not too big, but fits everything I need and then some. This is the one I have (ps this bag is one sale right now!!!)

6. Nuk Binkies - These are my all time favorite binkies. We brought them to the hospital with us because I knew that I wanted Izzy to take a pacifier. So the second we could, I stuck a paci in her mouth and she took to it right away. I like Nuk binkies best because I think the shape of the nipple makes it so easy for little babies to keep them in their mouth. Other brands I have tried, Izzy spits them out so fast, but Nuks stay put. Plus I just think that Izzy looks so cute when she's sucking her Nuk paci.

7. Baby Bath Tub - While it is true that all you need to bathe a baby is a sink, I so much prefer being able to put Izzy in her cute baby bath from Babies R Us. It has a little mesh hammock, so while she is still too little to support her head and sit up on her own, she can lie in the hammock and be in the water, but I'm not worried about her going under or getting water in her ears. Izzy has always loved baths. She especially loves it when we wash her hair.

8. Luvs - Honestly, don't even bother with other brands of diapers. Haha. I have tried huggies and pampers and nothing keeps Izzy dry like Luvs do. She has never had a blow out while wearing Luvs, and they are just great diapers. Plus they are stinkin cheap! They are the cheapest diaper you can buy anywhere and that makes mommy AND daddy very happy :)

9. Boppy Pillow - This amazing pillow is so useful and I basically take it with me everywhere I go. Haha. I use it while nursing to help prop her up. I use it while snugging Izzy to give my arms some extra support. I use it for tummy time. And I use it to prop Izzy up so she can "sit" with us. it's so comfy and useful for all situations.

10. A Good Big Insulated Water Bottle - Nursing Izzy, I'm basically constantly thirsty. I wake up in the morning and NEED a big glass of water. I always have my water bottle within reach. It's important to me that my water stays super cold for as long as possible. I love the big insulated jug they gave me from the hospital. But honestly any BIG water bottle will be perfect. I need mine to be at least 32oz so I don't have to be refilling it every second. Also, sometimes I just use a styrofoam cup from sonic or Circle K, since they keep drinks cold for song long! Hydration makes for a happy momma!

Being a momma isn't always easy. But with these products, it makes things a whole heck of a lot easier. I love being a mom more than anything in the whole world, and I am so excited to meet little Jade!! 
Thanks for having me Ali, Love you!! <3
I just love her and Alex and Izzy!
They have been such great friends to us as we moved into their ward
and neighborhood 
(totally by accident too)
and are just awesome!

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