29 August 2014

Our Precious Gem

Alright, let's write this birth story before I forget it all hahaha
and while I still have Andrew here to remember certain details ;)
Most of you remember Rory's birth story....
so THAT'S what I was kinda expecting.
(Hope for the best, expect the worst works best for me)
But this time was a little different!
Here's a nutshell:
- went into labor on my own
- got to the hospital with contractions 2 minutes apart
- epidural in at 6:15
- water broken at 9:15
- Penicillin administered from 6-10 AM
- Jade was born at 10:11 AM after 2 pushes and about 4 minutes
- happy mommy and daddy and big sister
- pictures at the end
Ok so full story: woke up Tuesday at 1:30 AM with pain. 
(The plan was to be induced that morning at 5 AM)
But that was normal for me so I went to the bathroom and tried to calm my nerves and such.
 Then around 2 I started noticing the pain wouldn't go away 
if I changed position which was odd but I still wasn't convinced 
cuz I didn't want to mess up my induction.
So finally around 3 I started timing them cuz I could NOT get comfy or sleep anyway.
 So I showered thinking maybe that would stop them or at least help the pain 
(I now kinda get the whole "labor in a tub thing") 
and after I got out I woke Andrew up (about 3:30) 
and said "we need to go now....hop in the shower real quick, I think I'm in labor". 
So he jumped in and I got dressed (all the whole I've been trying to track my contractions too) 
and we got in the car at 3:45 and drove to the hospital. 
Called my parents on our way to the hospital too.
(Uncle Trevor had stayed the night to help with Rory that day so we didn't just leave her!)

My contractions were about every 2 minutes......so dumb of me! 
The goal was to just get to the hospital in time for the epidural hahaha 
Once we got there it was about 4:15, and they didn't realize I was in labor, 
they thought I was just super early for my 5 AM induction hahahaha 
So we didn't get in the room til about 4:45. 
My wonderful husband and dad gave me a blessing
right when we got there and I felt this overwhelming sense of peace
even in the midst of horribly painful contractions.  
I cried with thankfulness that my dad had thought to bring the oil
and offered me a blessing and I was like "YES! That's exactly what I need!"
I needed that courage and strength to get through that experience.

My epidural finally sank in around 6:15 ;) 
Poor guy had a hard time with me, 
had to poke me 4 times before finally getting the right spot. 
Not his fault, I was extremely tender all over my back plus contractions plus being hunched over.
 But it all worked out and I just have a couple bruises. 
Then I could finally relax and I slept for 45 minutes off and on 
while my parents and Andrew went and got breakfast.

I was dilated to a 4 when the epidural went in. 
At 9:15 my Dr came in to check me/break my water. 
We had to wait to break my water because I tested positive for Strep B 
so I needed to be on 
antibiotics for at least 4 hours and the first dose was at 6. 
I was dilated to a 6, still having contractions every 2 minutes 
and he broke my water without me even knowing hahaha 
he then told me "ok probably in the next 2 hours we'll try pushing!" 
And then he went off to his c-section. 
So I was excited to nap some more.
Oh not so!
45 minutes later the nurse came in to check me 
and she's all "oh you're complete and she's here!" 
I didn't feel ANYTHING!
No pressure or really anything telling me it was time to push!
Then she starts calling nurses and doctors to catch the baby hahaha 
Dr Tutt was finishing his c-section and the nurse in with him says
 "He's got 5 minutes then he'll be there" 
"He may not have 5 minutes" my nurse said, so another Dr was there in case 
but we managed to hang on til he got there.
I didn't feel the pushes at all this time and had to have oxygen for Jade cuz she was so low in there (duh) but soon as she was out everything was smooth!
She was out in 3 minutes, 2 pushes and there she was!
8 lbs, 4 oz of her all sticky and gorgeous!
The nurses had been warned about my previous delivery,
so we had literally everything ready in case I needed to 
go through that process again
and there was an OR available if necessary.
Thankfully, I DIDN'T!!
I had one tear like last time, no excessive bleeding, 
they let me keep my epidural on for the first kneading so I didn't have to feel it. 
And my bleeding was completely normal! 
Not a single complication at all!! 
Praise heaven!
I also got a TDap shot cuz there's an outbreak of whopping cough apparently 
so I was like "ok sure I'll do that" and they gave it to me still numb from my epi. 
Perfect ;)
Took til about 3 in the afternoon to finally get all the feeling back in my legs
 but TOTALLY worth it!

She was born at 10:11 AM and we were in a recovery room at noon ;)
I feel amazing and only pain is the normal cramping and a little from my back
so I'm feeling blessed beyond measure.
And we were able to come home Wednesday night which made us extremely happy
and now we're just enjoying our newborn snuggles
and Rory is adjusting to her hahaha
She's a little confused as to why Jade can't talk or do things yet
but she still tells her how much she loves her and kisses are very frequent ;)

She's here guys!! 
I'll have better and more pictures once I get my phone and camera uploaded!


  1. Oh yay! Still kicking myself over here for not getting an epidural. This sounds so nice! And I do love the photo of her with the Minnie Mouse lovie.

  2. Oh, Congratulations!!! So thankful for your smooth delivery. Jade is definitely a keeper.

  3. Happy to hear it went better than expected! My second baby came out MUCH easier than the first too! Yay for second babies! And congrats! =]


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