02 August 2014

Gettin Real

One thing I'm very much looking forward to
about NOT being pregnant anymore is being able to sleep!
Now yes, with a baby it's different BUT when I actually DO sleep,
I can sleep uninterrupted from inside.
Does that make sense??
Hahahaha see?
I'm so tired and jumbled I can't form a coherent comment :)
But I gotta get real for a minute k?
This last trimester has been HARD for me.
I was doing great and chugging along,
losing weight (yay!),
and feeling awesome.
Then third trimester hit.
At first I was ok,
just a little sore, no biggie.
Well as I've gotten farther along,
I've been in almost constant dull pain in all my limbs hahaha
I laugh cuz I don't know what else to do.
When I went to my dr this week
(weekly appts now yikes!)
I got in trouble for walking 30 yards to the office from Andrew's office
cuz my blood pressure was through the roof.
(Don't worry, it came down after I rested)
So I've been told I can't do much anymore til this baby comes.
Which, to most people is like "yay! I don't have to do anything!"
But for me, it was like "but I have a toddler that needs/wants mommy
and we have to do chores and etc etc"
When I told Andrew what the dr said,
he of course said
"Ok once I'm home, you're 'off duty'".
Which just makes me feel more guilty!
I mean I LIKE doing the laundry,
the dishes,
keeping things as neat as I can so I don't go insane.
Now things like bath and bedtime for Rory
we'd already been trading off but now I can't bend over to wash her hahaha
I hate feeling like a burden.
I hate not being able to do things without heavy breathing,
or being completely exhausted from the effort!
Soo annoying!
Although I won't lie,
the worst part for me is the constant pain and soreness.
I can't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time
and even that is interrupted by a cute little squirmer in my uterus!
So as "awesome" as this experience has been,
I'm MORE than ready to be finished and hold my baby girl!
I am not one that enjoys being pregnant
(kudos to those that do love it!)
but I do LOVE the end result of a cute cuddly baby ;)

I feel HUGE!
I got more comments at the movies last night hahaha
(BTW Guardians of the Galaxy, loved it!)
I have the sweetest visiting teacher
(who is ALSO pregnant - with her 7th...)
she saw that I was craving Cinnabon awhile ago
so she and her daughter 
(who's in my class and Activity Days)
made these homemade rolls for me!
They were still hot from the oven.....
guys sooooooo goood!!!
So as I'm getting closer, anyone want to guest post for me,
while I figure my life out with TWO kids!?
I feel so old!! ;)



    also, youre gorgeous, and i love you.

  2. You can do this! Pregnancy is totally miserable, and it sounds like yours is especially. I hear ya and sympathize. :) And sure, I'd love to guest post.

  3. you are soo lucky that you are almost to the finish line. i still have almost 2 months left! super jealous!

    XoXo Marie
    Lets swap ads?


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