10 August 2014

Baby Prep

Ok this week has been difficult for me.
My body is in serious "baby-prep" mode.
As in, contractions ALL the time,
I'm so sore it's hilarious to watch me walk from the couch to the bathroom and back.
Rory has even started coming over to me
saying "Mommy I walk you."
And grabs my hand to help me walk places hahaha
Andrew really enjoys that,
and making fun of me.
Quite frankly, it's deserved and I laugh out loud almost constantly about it.
Baby Jade has dropped for sure,
I'm dilated to a 2 which is super exciting!
And I lost 4 lbs in a week!
Now there's another reason why this week has been hard for me.
Breastfeeding week.
Guys I've talked about this before,
I am unable to breastfeed.
I know that boobs have ONE purpose,
but mine do not work that way.
It's hereditary in my family,
none of the women can and that's ok.
I absolutely respect and admire moms that are able to breastfeed/pump for their babies
and I think it's great.
What I can't stand is the constant judging of us other moms
that formula feed.
What right do you have to judge me for getting formula at a store?
Or for feeding my child a bottle in public?
There are lots of moms that CAN'T breastfeed,
OR that even 
CHOOSE to not breastfeed because it's not what they want to do.
Guess what?
No need to call the mom army in for an intervention,
or to make rude and hurtful comments.
Breastfeeding is HARD for a lot of people.
I have only met a handful of moms that had a super easy time at the beginning
and therefore they have it all figured out.
The struggle is real for many moms.
Is it really that bad if an overwhelmed, tired, hormonal woman to use an alternative
way to feed her child?
There are pros and cons each way you go in the feeding of a baby.
For ME and my family,
formula is the way for us because I don't have another way.
I also REFUSE to judge another mom for "giving up" on nursing
and turning to formula to feed their baby as well.
It's not your place or mine to judge another mother.
SHE knows her baby best.
I'm ALL for asking advice and seeing what other options there are out there
and for taking the advice of others,
but ultimately it's MOM that decides what's best for her and baby.
For me and Andrew I LOVED that I wasn't the only one that could feed Rory.
I loved that I felt comfortable enough to leave her with babysitters 
right away because I knew she'd always have enough to eat.
I loved that I didn't have to defreeze milk to her.
Now, does that mean that I condemn those moms that do?
Of course not!
I fully admire all moms that breastfeed and think it's wonderful.
What I want is for moms to stop making war out of what has nothing to do with you.
Mommies, please help us make this world a BETTER place for our kids.
Stop the judging, 
stop the "this is better for your kids and I know it better than you" attitude,
and just be supportive.
*off my soapbox*


  1. We've talked about this subject lots, and you know my opinions on everything, but i just want to reiterate that i think you are awesome. Clearly you are doing something right. Rory is a genius, and i expect the same from Jade. You are a wonderful momma and a dear friend! LOVE YOU!!

  2. For REALS! I breastfed what I could, but my milk dried up at about 7 months with my first. With my 2nd, I got mastitis so bad I was pumping pus. Um.. I'm sorry, I'm NOT going to feed my baby pus, so formula it was! Then he liked the bottle so much he wouldn't go back to the breast. And trying to keep pumping to put in it a bottle with a baby and a 3 year old? Right. I did what I could, but ended up formula exclusive at just a couple months. With my 3rd, I somehow contracted eColi in my breasts. My doctor can't even figure out how I managed that one! I was hospitalized for 5 days when he was only a week and a half old! I couldn't breastfeed, because, well... who wants to poison their baby with eColi!? Not me. Plus all the anitbiotics I was on would have messed him all up. Again I tried pumping, but now with 3 kids? Exhausting. Did I feel guilty? Ya. Is he going to be just fine anyway? Sure is. So. If you can possibly do what you can, at least the first few days so they get that good colostrum, great. If your body just doesn't work that way, so be it. You and baby will do just fine. Good luck!

  3. Preach it sister! Haha. I can't believe any day now little Jade could arrive!! So exciting!

  4. I completely agree! Breastfeeding moms want acceptance and tolerance, formula feeding moms deserve the same! As long as babies are being fed, who cares!!


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