03 July 2014

San Diego Trip!

And the rest of San Diego fun!

We loved our time close to the beach!
Our condo was right on the cliffs
so the waves were always crashing against them and it was heavenly!
We had windows open and enjoyed breezes
that are unheard of in AZ!

Rory LOVED looking at the ocean!
She would beg to go outside and run around while he listened to the waves,
or bugged the people that were outside with her ;)

Somebody loved hanging out with grandma and grandpa Mills ;)
Poor grandpa could never get to his book when she was awake cuz 
she just wanted him to read HER book to her hahaha
And of course she's already a huge fan of her daddy,
but she could tell he was happier than normal this close to the water ;)

We made a sea lion friend on our walk to the pier!
He was asking for food I'm sure,
cuz he kept barking at us like
"Dude!! Who's gots da fishies for me??"

Homegirl got her own air mattress to sleep on
which was awesome for us!
She's not exactly a still sleeper so we were happy to find something separate
for her to sleep on hahaha
She got lots of iPad time with her new games 
(that she calls "options" cuz I said it once hahaha)
The 3 Mills just chillin
(I'll probably get in trouble for the picture hahahaha oh well!)
I said "Let's take a selfie" as a joke to Rory
and she made a duckface!
I HAD to match it hahaha

Oh the ocean!
Guys, Rory had the time of her life out in the water!
She went out with Grandpa and Daddy
and even though the water was freakishly cold,
she loved every second of it!
She got cold and came in to me
so I wrapped her in a towel to warm her up and instead of laying on the towel
like I attempted,
she rolled herself into the sand....... child!
Then 30 seconds later she begged to go back in!
So we did!
She loved "catching the waves" 
and swallowing about 3-4 mouthfuls of water hahaha
I got the weirdest sunburn ever!
Where my legs are white is where I had packed sand on 
I was laughing so hard when I saw this I HAD to take a picture!

We visited the San Diego temple!
This was the first time I'd seen it up close
so it was awesome!
Reminded me a little of the LA temple in the 
"up on a hill in the middle of the city" kinda way ;)
We took some awesome photos
and really enjoyed just walking around the grounds.

That goofy girl stole my sunhat
and was modeling it hahaha
and I just can't handle a cute sleeping babe!
then it was time to head home!
We piled back in the car and drove homeward ;)
We read our books, took a couple little naps
and we were all happy to get back home to our beds
and Rory missed all her other buddies and toys hahaha

We had such a great time on vacation!
Many many thanks to my in-laws for inviting us
and giving us some great memories ;)

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