07 July 2014

Mini panic

I had a realization a couple days ago
that in 3 short weeks I will be full term....
and anywhere between then and 4 weeks later
 I will have another baby!
Only a slight panic attack when I also realized that there's still
so much left to do before Jade comes!
We need diapers, formula, get our room organized to put the pak n play in,
fix the crib for when she can finally go in there,
get out all the gear and make sure everything is washed and prepped,
etc etc.
 I forgot how much a baby needs right at the beginning!
Like I gotta find the binkis!
Rory only used them for a couple months off and on, 
but maybe Jade will be a bink girl,
I texted Andrew when I had my mini meltdown,
and I was like "Um we need to get our butts in gear buddy!"
And he, of course, is like "Hon, we're ok on time.
We'll get everything done when we need to, don't stress."
And of course he's right but I'm telling you,
this second child business SOMETIMES stresses me out.
I'm super excited to meet Jade and watch her grow
and teach her, and love her.
To be a mom to another soul makes me so happy already
and she's not even here yet!
Watching her and Rory interact and become friends will be the highlight
of my days and nights.
Rory loves her little sister already so much,
and she's so loving to babies and anyone smaller than her,
I'm not worried about RORY with Jade,
I'm worried about how much our relationship is going to change.
I love my little princess and I always will,
but I will now have to split my time between 2 little girls,
and at the beginning it'll be even harder since babies are high maintenance.
I don't ever want Rory OR Jade to feel neglected by me,
or their daddy and that's what scares me the most.
Bringing another baby into an unknown financial sitch
has me feeling slightly stressed out.
Andrew's office is relocating to GA (as you know)
and the date has been officially set for the 29th of August.
Well I'm due on the 21st!
And so far, interviews have not led to anything more
 but I KNOW we'll be fine,
just not knowing where we'll be getting our checks from is a little unnerving.
But my sweet wonderful husband of mine
has already informed me that I have nothing to worry about,
other than giving birth to our gorgeous girl in a few weeks.
I know my post don't always have pictures or pinterest worthy 
inspiration or content,
but this is MY blog and sometimes I need to just write
for me, or to see if things are normal that I feel or whatever haha
Thanks for sticking with me even if it's not always the "blogger" way ;)

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  1. I think one of the hardest things about having two is the relationship change between you and your first. At least that's how I've felt. I feel bad for not being able to give Holland all of my attention. But then I feel bad about not giving Irelyn as much attention as I gave Holland. Haha. It makes me a little bit crazy sometimes. I just have to remind myself that they're both probably going to be okay! :] Haha. I'm so excited for you! And you are right, Rory will be a GREAT big sister!!


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