28 July 2014


I'm almost full term!
Thursday I'm officially 37 weeks which means this 
having-a-baby thing could happen at any time!!
AND I'm already 1 cm dilated,
to many that may not seem like anything at all,
but for ME who didn't dilate AT ALL til the pitocin kicked in with Rory,
this was HUGE awesome news!
 I've already gotten the 
"girl when was your due date!?"
and the 
"You should have popped like 5 weeks ago right?"
comments which don't normally bother me,
but this one lady at WalMart bugged me cuz she didn't believe me
that I knew my own due date.......sheesh people.
I've been having loads of fun making jewelry for my shop!
I EVEN made an Etsy shop!!
Guys, this is a huge step for me cuz I've never done anything like this before,
but I feel so cool doing it!
I recently added keychains to the shop too

They're so fun and cute
and I'll be adding more colors too!

My little Rory LOVES that mommy is making necklaces
and begged me for one,
so I HAD to oblige ;)

Isn't she the cutest!?
Yeah I know my lighting sucks,
but I'm working on it.
She requested her bracelets and head pretty on Friday to wear
so again, I said SURE! ;)

We're getting really excited to have Jade come soon!
Speaking of which,
anyone wanna guest post for me!?
I'm hoping I can get a few lovely people to post for me while I recover! ;)

18 July 2014

Latest happenins!

Here are the latest goings-on!

4th of July As You Wish with my family ;)

Liam was all about grandpa that day, 
it was adorable!!
But what I thought was more adorable was Nick babywearing!
Here are the pieces Andrew, Rory, and I did
after they'd been kilned ;)

 Andrew free-handed his plate!
I was super impressed AND he's agreed to come with me
on a date to As You Wish if I want!

I got my hairs did!
Nothing TOO drastic but I love the colors I was able to do,
and it looks so cool!
 I feel refreshed and just need to find someone to freshen it up before I have Jade
(cuz I don't want ugly hair in the hospital, I mean,
Rory has been obsessed with this jacket lately
and needed to have her hood up to eat her breakfast this day haha

She was helping Daddy close out work ;)
This girl LOVES her daddy with all her little heart,
and gets so excited when he comes home or if we go visit him ;)

Last Saturday someone was trying to boycott nap
even though she was yawning and so tired,
so after about 45 minutes of trying the normal
nap techniques,
Daddy said "good night" and closed the door.
An hour later we checked on her cuz it had been quiet
and this is what we found!
She was UPSET at us for sticking her in her room hahaha
but she was a very good girl and picked it all up afterwards ;)

Rory was lucky enough to be asked to model for a friend's shop
(her Insta is @buggerbabylegs)
and I think she did AWESOME!
I mean, really?!
Where did she come from??
Love my gorgeous girl!

She got to meet 'Punzel at AYT this week cuz Uncle Trevor was teaching the workshop
and we got invited to come meet her!
She was shy of Flynn though which was odd so I guess we'll have to watch Tangled
a whole lot more hahaha

Then on Wednesday this week,
I "dragged" Allie and Hope with me to As You Wish again
(free studio fee day)
and made these beauties!
The plate will obviously be a clock 
(they put the mechanism in, no worries)
and the "vase" is for my pens in my craft room!
SOOOO excited to pick these up!

Also in the news of baby this week:

I have washed her blessing dress.
This was MY dress when I was blessed and I'm excited to have Jadey wear it
when we bless her ;)
(Rory was way too old to wear it for hers haha)
AND she's all packed for the hospital!
Jade's stuff is ready, Rory's stuff is ready,
and mommy and daddy's stuff hasn't even been discussed yet hahaha

14 July 2014

Shameless Plug: Just An Armful of Sugar

I'm totally doing a shameless plug hahaha
I recently created an Instagram and FB page for my bracelet "shop".
It's not really big enough to be an official shop I think,
and I do DO more than just bracelets hahaha
but that's besides the point!
Here's the link to the IG:
and FB Page:
Please feel free to follow me and share with friends!
Here are some of the bracelets I've done over the past few months!
(I also offer $2.50 flat shipping so nationwide is possible)

All sizes and colors available ;)
Necklaces as well,
I just don't have pictures of them yet!