09 June 2014

Time's Running Out!

We're getting closer and closer to Miss Rory turning 2!
I have NO idea what to do with myself!
She's such a big girl
and is such a big helper to her mommy and daddy.
She does dishes, laundry, helps with recycling,
and puts things in the fridge and takes them out hahaha
Just doing some laundry for her and baby sister ;)
She brings me my water bottle if it's ever in the fridge when she gets her apple juice.
This girl could LIVE off apple juice if I let her hahaha
She's starting to become a slightly picky eater,
but only in the "I have to be hungry to actually eat" kinda way.
She still eats practically everything.
When Daddy comes home she always asks him
for "Food Daddy??"
cuz he either brings something fun home or he's the one that cooks hahaha
He loves it cuz it gives him all the attention he wants
from her and he has his little helper in the kitchen ;)
This past Wednesday Allie had her precious baby Isabel
and we were lucky enough to see her within an hour of her birth!
Such a sweet spirit that was so fresh from heaven it brought tears to my eyes
(thanks hormones)
and made me even more excited for Miss Jade coming!
Rory LOVED seeing "Baby Bel" NOT in Allie's tummy ;)
She thinks shes the coolest thing ever
and is so sweet with her.
We've visited a few times and every time she is super soft with her
and just loves her.
Makes me SUPER excited for Jade ;)
But I also got a small glimpse of my future while I was holding Izzy
and Rory was running rampant in the living room
(I had given her a doughnut....my fault)
and I couldn't really move after her.....
it's gonna be interesting to say the least hahaha

But I mean look at this precious face!
My friends make cute babies!
This was also the first time we had friends have their baby IN THE SAME STATE as us,
and were able to visit IN the hospital ;)
It was very special to us and we felt so honored 
to be allowed in there during such a special time in their lives ;)
On Friday we had a very rough day, Rory and me.
She was the crankiest girl ever and even MORE cranky after nap.
I was DONE with her around 3....
Daddy doesn't get home til 5:30.
So when he walked in,
I asked for at least an hour to lock myself in my craft room and just do something
without a toddler climbing all over me
and to help me like her again.
He more than obliged.
I ended up being in there til almost 9 doing things and I don't have a clock in there
so I didn't realize how late it was OOPS!
BUT I got our wedding album finally finished!
Or at least all our pictures in there,
just need to do the captions now.
 I was so happy it was finally finished.
It's only been 3 1/2 years, and almost 2 kids later hahaha
And I liked Rory again after having a break ;)

I mean how could I NOT love this little crazy, sweet,
sassy lady? ;)
Also, just for some kicks and giggles,
this happened last week too
You can call me Lady Cockroach Killer ;)

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  1. I have my Andrew saved as hubster in my phone too.... too many similarities. Hahaha.


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