13 June 2014


So this happened on Wednesday:

I wish I had had my phone out for her first reaction to seeing Elsa.
It. Was. Priceless!
Now I have NO doubt that Disneyland will be THAT much more magical
with Rory in a few months ;)
My brother Trevor was in charge of the "Frozen Solid" workshop
at the youth theatre my parents work with,
and as a surprise he asked Elsa to come visit and invited us to come too ;)
Perks of having connections ;)
And OH the hormones!
I was crying like a small child in the corner yet again
just like when Rory met Aurora for the first time hahahaha
my mom was totally laughing at me
and quite frankly, I was laughing at myself cuz the tears just kept coming
even though I was like "SERIOUSLY!?"

This pregnancy has both flown by/been SOOOO slow.
I'm ready for Jade to be here already!
With Rory, I had the nervousness of a first time mom,
unsure if I had everything I'd need to take care of a baby,
unsure if I had what it takes to BE a mom.
This time I'm more concerned about having time for BOTH of my girls.
About having to divide my attention now between 2 little ones,
how to keep a "schedule" of sorts for both girls.
My body has been completely different this time around.
I still swelled up pretty fast haha
so I look ready to pop when I still have 10 weeks left
(HALLELUJAH can I just say?!),
but I haven't been sick like at all
(thank havens),
I didn't have to take iron til after the GD test,
I've been WAY more tired but that's kinda expected with a toddler running around ;)
I MAY have milk actually coming in......
I'm not sure about it cuz last time NOTHING happened with the boobs,
but this time has been a tiny bit different,
not enough for me to be like 
"I can breast feed!" 
 honestly I'm still not sure cuz it's been WEEKS since something happened.
And honestly,
I wouldn't mind doing formula again.
It was convenient, easy, and made it so anyone could feed the baby
and bond with her, not just me which I wanted for Rory.
And I want for Jade too, we'll just have to wait and see ;)

It's gotten to the point though where I CANNOT sleep with my hair down!
If I do, I'm a sweaty nasty mess even with 2 fans on me hahaha

And today while Rory spent some time with her great grandparents,
I went and pampered myself a little ;)

I love having my nails done.
I know it's weird and it doesn't happen often but I just love it!
I feel so pretty and it's nice ;)
I'm hoping to have time for a pedicure soon too cuz lezzbehonest,
my preggo swollen feet NEED some attention

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